Saturday, October 31, 2020

Breathe of Fresh Air ...The Conversation We should be having......

As I continue my research I ran across this article by Alfie Kohn. There is a growing number that know there is something terribly wrong with our educational system, and like Kohn knows it will take much more than just another band-aide to fix! It is important that you don't buy into the lies that we are being told about high-stakes testing.Todd Farley gives us a small glimpse into what is happening in his own misadventures of the standardized testing industry.

Food for thought...........                                           The word rigor has been high-jacked by the Educational Industrial Complex  in it's present use rigorousis the first word that has got to be removed from pedagogy. Oh me too!! I didn't know  the meaning  or even how to pronounce pedagogy before I started my own research several years ago. We can learn together:-) if our children are ever going to truly learn in the 21st Century!

To be continued! your thoughts or concerns?

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