Thursday, March 5, 2015

I challenge you to match my $10 Donation This is our Children's Education!


A message from the campaign


From Anthony Eller
Alright guys we have over 3000 members and we are leaving Alan with no means to help each and everyone of us......along with our great country's future generations! I will challenge each of you again today to match my $10 donation...If just once everyone would dig deep my math tells me $10 x 3000=$30,000 Alan would not have to wonder daily if he is going to have a place to stay tonight.and could start to give a 110% I know he will to the reinstatement of student loan consumer protection rights.The lenders and special interest are throwing $Millions to keep bankruptcy in place..this is their endless well of outrageous, ungodly profits!!!!!...I'm just challenging you $10? to help give a lot of you your futures back..

I am also asking you the mother or father..the student.. the American Citizen's that are just plain feed-up Please let's give our children their futures back and the chance to one again receive an affordable education.

I have just made the stakes a little higher I donated $20 Who will take the challenge?   
The truth speaks volumes when the American public realizes this... changes will start to happen.....So again who's in!

Please sign the petition to reinstate student loan Consumer Protection Rights and the reinstatement of student loan bankruptcy!

For those that don't know Alan Collinge
was selected as one of seven “Financial Heroes” by CNN/Money Magazine in December 2008.
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