Thursday, January 1, 2015

Has America Forgotten Education is About Our Children?

I believe that America has forgotten that education is about educating our children the very future of our nation, I believe this is because of the unethical profits that are being made from our children's education in America today.

Each and everyone of us shares the blame,because we have just accepted the half-truths and spin that our Congress, and our very own President with the help of a news media that now push out our leaders hidden agenda.Our politicians no longer work for the American people article after article will tell you the politicians that spends the most wins 98% of the time. We as a nation have accepted that's it's justified that our politicians should spent what is reported to be over $4 Billion this Mid-Term Election.

We are losing the very thing that made our country great, the ingenuity and drive of the American people and small business.Our government has made it so difficult to start a small business because not only the laws that now govern small business,but all taxes which now are labeled fees more and more. Our children coming out of college with student loan debt the size of a home mortgage! Why do we not have programs to help our children be able to a start a small business,and use their ingenuity? How can this be possible in the richest country in the world?

I am asking that we start a  real conversation and find solutions to the $1.2 Trillion student loans debt (Fox just reported student loan debt as $1.3 Trillion!),A student loan expert Mark Kantrowitz reported  the student loan debt in June 2010 pasted credit card debt for  the first time the debt $826.5 Billion! Today January 1, 2015 the student loan debt is $1.2 Trillion and is growing faster than ever before. Please tell me you see that there is something terribly wrong.As I have been saying the the student loan system is's's been corrupted

I believe with all my heart and soul the first step is the reinstatement of student loan consumer protection rights the same consumer protections rights that each of us are entitled to as citizens of  the United States of America.Our children are not thieves that are looking for a free ride. How is this so when everyday corporations are using the bankruptcy laws to destroy our great countries small business.

When bankruptcy laws are used correctly it should be about the reorganization of debt and holding all parties responsible for their actions be it the lender, the school, our government  and the student.

I am asking each of us start a conversation with anyone and everyone and let us find solutions to the student loan debt that should have never have gotten to this point.

I want to make sure I'm very clear I know that there are many great educator's that are working long tireless hours to insure our children's education.It's the few that think nothing of destroying our children future to make huge ungodly unethical profits that is also going to destroy our great country if we don't stand up and say enough is enough.

Mr. President and Congress I will leave you with this today

         "A baby comes into this world with only hope...
                      ....the only gold we will leave this earth with is our.......... Word"

     An estimated  $4 Billion spent on mid-term elections ....was there a word of truth spoken?