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Why Are Only Our Children Held Accountable?

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I don't want you to think I have stopped writing,..........................but this post has never been more
prevalent than today!
                                   "Why are only our Children held accountable?"

 I want you to know; I don't think our children's higher education should be free there has to be a cost associated with their education to have value. By this I don't mean it has to be about a monetary value. It's much more important than that! Their education is about finding their own personal integrity to be accountable first to themselves, and then to others. We as a nation have got to re-learn doing what is right for all; not just the few. We have allowed our country to now function in the gray area where winner takes all no matter the cost or who it hurts.I believe a good place to start is by rebuilding our great country's infrastructures.How you ask? It's simple by our President advocating and Congress creating real tax credits (tax credits were never meant to be corporate - welfare-hidden in plain sight too !) used as they were intended helping America to prosper again for all citizens by offering tax credits to small business for college graduates (tax credits for both students and business to pay Student Loans!) in any number of areas starting with K-12 education to help redesign a 21st century educational system to compete with the rest of the world. Because we no longer live in the "Industrialized Age".We've now have been transformed into "The Information Age" and service industry society. Where have all the factories gone here's a little help? Countries with cheap labor and no labor laws! Would you like a just a small peek into what is getting ready to happen in one area of the economy? Michael Alkins presentation "The US Auto Industry is about to Implode" sums up this mess in his eye opening report!

Some examples of our problems
2017 Report grade D+ in richest country the world has ever known?
The USA infrastructure ranks 25th in world.
US students academic achievements still lags that of their peers on many other countries

Now think of all the other areas our college graduates could help to rebuild America and reduce the the student loan debt at the same time it's a win win for everyone
The student loan debt with 44 million borrowers owing $1.6 Trillion and growing at a rate of close to $2800 A SECOND! as reported by Jillian Berman Market Watch

I promise  if you share this post with your friends and  more importantly your Congressman and the President then have each to justify the Political Cronyism and all the waste....... and all the tax breaks given to corporations that pay little or no taxes while shipping our jobs overseas and then sending their huge ungodly profits off shore.
I promise you there are real solutions to affordable education in America, but first our children have got to become more important than the huge unethical profits being off our children's backs!

I want you to know that I started this blog, because I saw there were no real solutions to the very real problems of the out of control student loan debt. In 2003 $250 billion, 2007 $500 billion And now it's 5 years later an a student loan debt that when I started was $850 Billion ..that's with a "B" has now grown to an estimated $1.6 Trillion  and that's with a "T"! Can any of us truly wrap our heads around this amount of spiraling out of control student loan debt? I know I can't, but I know it's wrong.... it's terribly wrong that we are loading down our children with an ungodly amount of student loan debt... who are the very future of our great nation.

I grew up a conservative from a very early age mainly because my father was involved in politics. My father retired from the military after 20 years serving our great country. He could not sit still so he and my mother started a Garden Center and Trucking Business, and the hours were long and hard. But my father made the time to make sure our political system was working for the people. My Dad was the Chairman of the Republican Party in Buncombe County Asheville,N.C. Dad was fondly called the little general, because of his true dedication to make sure our government was working for the American people.

I tell you this because I have not changed into a liberal or libertarian are any other party.I have become an independent. Our 2 party system is broken, and has become corrupted to the very core.
When our country's last Mid-Term  Election cost an estimated $4 Billion, and now just in case you were unaware, or may have forgotten with the new Supreme Court rulings the next Presidential election is being said could double the estimated $7 Billion spent in 2012...can you imagine $14 can these amounts of money be justified? Please I have added a link below Congress ratings approval are so low won't calculate ?!

I'm going to continue to add to the links below.....then let's talk about wasting taxpayer $$!!

Corporations in America pay virtually no taxes?

Too Big Too Fail?

Still waiting for the first executive from our 2008 financial meltdown to go to jail?

University Presidents now making $Million salaries to be the Universities promoter?
Shirley Ann Jackson Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy N.Y. Total compensation$7,143.312!!!
How can you justify this salary and compensation??????.... Please Shirley tell us

I love college football but, again it's become big business at our Colleges and Universities
depending on the sport less than 2% and more realistically less than 1% will even have the chance to become professionals! College athletes greatly overestimate their chances of playing professionally.
Why not pay the players a percentage of the huge profits generated along with a personal mentor to help invest their money while in college.Also the athletes that do make it to the pros with the multi-million signing bonus should give back say 10% of their bonus money to a fund set up for this purpose remember their teammates played an important role in few that do make it to the pros.This is a small price to pay, because college sports have allow the 1% or possibly 2% this once in a life time opportunity.Think about these student athletes being able to come out of college with a degree and the seed money to start their own business hopefully back in their own community. Now this is an investment in the future of our children and a true stimulus program to help our great country economy start to prosper again especially in our poorer community.  
I know this would be very difficult, but we just need a couple of schools to step up a then set up a "Pilot Program" first and say this is the right thing to do for children. Our inner cities are crumbing before our very eyes.Think about the farmer's son  football ability what that would mean to be able to start his own farm, or whatever his dream may be The list just goes on and on......

We have allowed our  Colleges and Universities to make $Millions...some looking at $Billions in Television contracts.      Our children have got to come 1st.......not the huge profits....  when are we as a nation going to demand this?

Now look what has happened...   How is this even possible...political cronyism is my answer
The NFL a Non-Profit?...... with  Commissioner Roger Goodell making a estimated $35 Million !

 The NFL is no longer a Non-Profit they relinquished the designation of a Non-Profit  A petition drive  by Lynda Woolard of New Orleans, La and   Statement made has become too much of a distraction of the day to day operations! I hope this will show you....... when we speak with "one voice change will happen" !

Harvard endowment estimated  at $36.4 Billion?  and endowments of over $1 Billion at 90 other Universities? Why are these schools not creating their own non-profit banks and providing low fixed interest loans to their students? I believe tuition would start to go down if the schools were responsible for their own loans.This would help to make these Universities self-sustaining where our children again become the #1 reason for the school being in existence.

Now keeping on  same thought as endowments.The for-profit schools that are nothing more than just corporation money makers where the profits are more important than the student.Why couldn't theses corporations provide fixed low interest loans to their own students? Checks and Balances  where the schools are now responsible if they are to be self-sustainable or forced to closed, The for-profit schools can not longer take advantage of those that can not defend themselves, because their student loan consumer protection rights have been stripped away by congressional  political cronyism.

Well this may be the end to the for-profit Colleges as we know them today!

I believe in our free market economy,but the system has been rigged.I know there is a cost to education,but it should be affordable and available to every child.

Does something stink here?  I know  there is something terribly wrong here..........!

The Worst Our Democracy Has Been In Is Now & Here's How We Got There       (Please watch this video with an open mind and then decide)  ...... Congress  is Flatlining! Approval rating .0001 ,,                        (Thank you Andy for a little humor :) but not much better 18% on average!

Tax Breaks to Big Business Are a Loser | Mercatus

list of 10 tax-dodging corporations

Tax Extender Deal Is A Handout for Big Business | The New ...

Full Show: Too Big to Jail? | Moyers & Company | BillMoyers ...

President Obama's Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures

Bankrupt companies avoid more than $700 million in..

Then Congress moves to more to more lucrative $$$ Jobs!
There are a few exceptions that still have true integrity to do their job  !

Revolving Door Summary: Former Members | OpenSecrets

When a Congressman Becomes a Lobbyist, He Gets a 1452


I believe we must work to achieve success. I have program that can be put into to place to bring our college graduates and small business together with a $5250 tax credit that would be a real stimulus program that would jump start the middle class again. The inspiration came a program already in place.. the up to $5250 tuition reimbursement used to send employees back to school, and  also from Andy Bossie and a group of college student from Maine that most would not even benefit from the program that they helped create.The same type student that our own government presumes are going to commit fraud?? ......   I know there is a cost to  educate our children,but it should be affordable for all of our children if they chose to go to college.
Our Politicians will have you believe...... that if our children are given back their student loan consumer protection rights. Oh Yes!.... our children student loan consumer protection rights were taking away..along with the harshest penalties, fees, truth in lending requirements virtually non-existent..... ever imposed on an American citizen.!.the same consumer protection rights that each of us as American citizen are entitled to....We are being told we the taxpayer will be paying our hard earned tax $$  because our children are going to commit fraud! Yes our Politicians are telling us that "all of our children" are going to declare bankruptcy, and leave the American taxpayer to pay for their education!...It would have to be "All of our Children" to even be credible,and have merit for the changes Congress  made in the laws to be this extreme. This is all just smoking mirrors so that the these lenders, and student loan debt collectors ( student loan defaults this is where the real crime is being committed to our children!)  and special interest that donated the outrageous sums of money to the politicians election campaign! This so these select few will continue to have a never ending stream of unethical profits off the backs of our children! We have to reinstate student loan consumer protection rights and let the courts decide who is responsible is it the student.. the lender..or the their student loan debt collection subsidiary that adds outrageous penalties,other fees,refinance fees etc...the schools with higher and higher tuition increasing almost yearly and then the fees..fees.and more.fees just look at your son or daughter statement that now the schools have virtually no skin in the game  Weren't we always told if something stinks it's usually is bad!.......... well how does this smell to you?

Please.... Please..... visit  this link by Alan Collinge founder of Student Loan Justice
(Our views differ on some points,but on the reinstatement of student loan consumer protection rights we're in agreement 110%!

Please call your Representatives to reinstate HR 2366 student loan consumer protection rights that have been stripped away by Congress!

A great interview by Matt Taibbi

Easy to read and understand graphic and information piece
This is about where we were are when I started writing about the  $850 Billion student loan debt, which  is now estimated at over $1.3 Trillion and growing faster today than ever before!

Great Video! The Higher Education Bubble !

Bankruptcy holds all sides accountable yes first the student, but also the lender, and student loan debt collector that you should know are for the most part are subsidiaries of the lenders.  Why is this important because more money is going to made off student loan defaults than the actual student loan if changes are not made soon...and oh yes the schools they continue to increase our children tuition's
and have virtually no liability for the loans that they are saddling our children with.

I promise you there are simple common sense solutions to the  estimated  $1.3 student loan debt.

But first! our children have to become more important....... than huge ungodly profits made by a select few

Mr. President and Congress I will leave you with this today

"A baby comes into this world with only hope.....the only gold we will leave this earth with is  our................Word"

Tony Eller


Thursday, March 5, 2015

I challenge you to match my $10 Donation This is our Children's Education!


A message from the campaign


From Anthony Eller
Alright guys we have over 3000 members and we are leaving Alan with no means to help each and everyone of us......along with our great country's future generations! I will challenge each of you again today to match my $10 donation...If just once everyone would dig deep my math tells me $10 x 3000=$30,000 Alan would not have to wonder daily if he is going to have a place to stay tonight.and could start to give a 110% I know he will to the reinstatement of student loan consumer protection rights.The lenders and special interest are throwing $Millions to keep bankruptcy in place..this is their endless well of outrageous, ungodly profits!!!!!...I'm just challenging you $10? to help give a lot of you your futures back..

I am also asking you the mother or father..the student.. the American Citizen's that are just plain feed-up Please let's give our children their futures back and the chance to one again receive an affordable education.

I have just made the stakes a little higher I donated $20 Who will take the challenge?   
The truth speaks volumes when the American public realizes this... changes will start to happen.....So again who's in!

Please sign the petition to reinstate student loan Consumer Protection Rights and the reinstatement of student loan bankruptcy!

For those that don't know Alan Collinge
was selected as one of seven “Financial Heroes” by CNN/Money Magazine in December 2008.
Causes, 548 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94107 United States  ·  Privacy Policy
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Monday, February 2, 2015

Urgent Request Please call your Congressman and Sign Petition !!!!

This is from Alan Collinge of .

....Alan is in DC to try to bring awareness and support to have our children student loan consumer protections rights on  Federal and Private student loan bankruptcy reinstated..I have been writing my blog for several years and I am now totally convinced the only way to get the now $1.3 Trillion student debt under control is to hold all sides accountable! Please read the argument and then make up your own mind without the spin of the media and Congress please share this post this is for the future of our children

Alan interview on Newsnaxtv


MidPoint | Alan Collinge discusses student loan ... - YouTube

thank you,


There is only one co-sponsor for this hugely important bill atr this point, DEMAND that your local elected representative and Senator Cosponsor this bill, or draft a companion bill respectively,. Be as mean and vicious and surely as you need to be to make sure that they get the point, DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!!! DO NOT!!!
This is where our job lies, folks. Get up, and get it done. Laziness is not an option folks . I'm doing my part. DO YOURS!!!
Cosponsors - H.R.449 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Discharge Student Loans in Bankruptcy Act of...
Cosponsors of H.R.449 - 114th Congress...

If your Congressman or Representative give you a NO ask them to justify their stance!

If you haven't read the argument for the reinstatement of both Federal and Private Student Loan bankruptcy    Please read for yourself and make up your own mind!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Has America Forgotten Education is About Our Children?

I believe that America has forgotten that education is about educating our children the very future of our nation, I believe this is because of the unethical profits that are being made from our children's education in America today.

Each and everyone of us shares the blame,because we have just accepted the half-truths and spin that our Congress, and our very own President with the help of a news media that now push out our leaders hidden agenda.Our politicians no longer work for the American people article after article will tell you the politicians that spends the most wins 98% of the time. We as a nation have accepted that's it's justified that our politicians should spent what is reported to be over $4 Billion this Mid-Term Election.

We are losing the very thing that made our great country great the ingenuity and drive of the American people and small business.Our government has made it so difficult to start a small business because not only the laws that now govern small business,but all taxes which now are labeled fees more and more. Our children coming out of college with student loan debt the size of a home mortgage! Why do we not have programs to help our children be able to a start a small business,and use their ingenuity? How can this be possible in the richest country in the world?

I am asking that we start a  real conversation and find solutions to the $1.2 Trillion student loans debt (Fox just reported student loan debt as $1.3 Trillion!),A student loan expert Mark Kantrowitz reported  the student loan debt in June 2010 pasted credit card debt for  the first time the debt $826.5 Billion! Today January 1, 2015 the student loan debt is $1.2 Trillion and is growing faster than ever before. Please tell me you see that there is something terribly wrong.As I have been saying the the student loan system is's's been corrupted

I believe with all my heart and soul the first step is the reinstatement of student loan consumer protection rights the same consumer protections rights that each of us are entitled to as citizens of  the United States of America.Our children are not thieves that are looking for a free ride. How is this so when everyday corporations are using the bankruptcy laws to destroy our great countries small business.

When bankruptcy laws are used correctly it should be about the reorganization of debt and holding all parties responsible for their actions be it the lender, the school, our government  and the student.

I am asking each of us start a conversation with anyone and everyone and let us find solutions to the student loan debt that should have never have gotten to this point.

I want to make sure I'm very clear I know that there are many great educator's that are working long tireless hours to insure our children's education.It's the few that think nothing of destroying our children future to make huge ungodly unethical profits that is also going to destroy our great country if we don't stand up and say enough is enough.

Mr. President and Congress I will leave you with this today

         "A baby comes into this world with only hope...
                      ....the only gold we will leave this earth with is our.......... Word"

     An estimated  $4 Billion spent on mid-term elections ....was there a word of truth spoken?