Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Stuck on Stupid" $1.2 Trillion Student loan Debt

I have been writing about what has now become a "$1.2 Trillion Student Loan Debt" for the last several years.I have taken the position that there are solutions,but first it's going to take all sides coming together an finally realizing that our children are the only future of our great nation.

We have allowed the hunger for power and greed to trump everything that is good about living in greatest free society ever know to man.A country like no other where everyone is given the opportunity to live the American Dream. Well this statement.."The American Dream" has become a cliche,and is now more about the huge profits that are being made off the backs our children.

We supposedly have all these experts in education that have made us the greatest educated nation in the world. I ask you are we really sure this has happened and is still happening today? I believe that first with all my heart and soul we better take our heads out of the sand. We as a nation better wake up an realize that if changes are not made soon the rest of the world is going to pass us by.

Our student loan system is outdated!We have allowed a very few well placed lenders with the help of our very own Congress and the President who's job were never mean to be a career; I was taught from an early age it should be both an honor and a privilege to serve the American Citizens.These 535+1 have made a mockery of our democratic government and all the good it should stand for.

From the Urban Dictionary:     Stuck on Stupid

 A term used to define someone who is stuck in a cycle of endless stupidity when it comes to making decisions. The inability to make good or logical choices.

Congress and the President have offered refinance and interest rates these will help,while once more making even more profits for the loan servicers of our government student loans or the private lenders, but neither are real solutions.

The 2014  Mid-Terms have now officially had a name change to The Mud-Terms after a reported $4 Billion is estimated to being spent on re-elections up from $3.6 Billion in 2012! Our politicians have loss all reality with the average American; another really scary statistic reported now is 76% of our working class now live from pay check to pay check? How is this possible in the greatest country in the world?

I knew when I started this blog I excepted that I would be called crazy and I would be told time after time by the so called experts I didn't know what I was talking about, and at first I didn't know much except that the student loan system has become corrupted.The student loan system on the surface looks and works to some extend,but the motives of the lenders and to our Congress who have become corrupted because of campaign contributions that are associated with the student loans, and now student loan defaults have become all about huge ungodly profits that are being made off the backs of our children. Remember these are the same children that just the year before college were depending on us as parents to teach them the difference between right and wrong.

I need you to answer this honestly how many of our children knew about loans and financing before they were went off to college? Now we as a nation have programmed our children to believe without a college education they could not succeed.Are our college and universities helping to find jobs so our children would be able to pay off their student loans that are growing faster than any other type loans? Has our government created ways to bring small business and graduates together to help kick start the middle class that we are losing more and more every day? And now add  this with the growing student loan default rate that if changes are not made quickly will become more profitable than the actual student loan.

Now place on top of this that our children student loan consumer protection rights have been removed first from Federal and then Private student loans.These are the same consumer protection rights that each of us ...that's You and Me are entitled to as American Citizens.

I think it is important that you know that student loans are treated as the only other exception in bankruptcy which include fraud,felony, and alimony-dodging. Please ask yourself does your child belong in this group?

Just so your aware my children are 27 and 25 and yes they are both young adults, I am extremely  proud of each one of them,but they will always be my children first. I will do anything and  everything to make sure that they are given a hand up not a hand out, and that they are given the opportunity to live the..............
American Dream.......... The question is will you do the same for your children?

I believe with all my heart that we should offer a hand up,but not a hand out to every child.This is an opportunity our own political system and our own government is consciously allowing to be destroyed, because of the thirst of Greed and Power.All for the sake of being re-elected and taking care of a select few ?

Do you remember the smell taste?.... if something smells bad chances are it's bad...well how does this smell to you?

Once again I will leave you with this today

"A baby comes into this world with only hope.....the only gold we will leave this earth with is our Word"

Anthony Eller