Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Student Loan Debt.... Our Lolly-Pop News Agencies are Part of the Problem too!

I want you to know I have no hidden agenda or desire to profit off of our Children's future. I am a 58 year old man that is tried of our President, our Congress, and our News Agencies that we the American people are suppose to trust to report the facts with integrity. This lack of reporting the real facts is allowing the select few to destroy and bankrupt our Great Country of $Trillions of Dollars!

Lolly-Pop News- Pick your flavor news are you conservative then it's Fox that will tell you only the truth?.... Really?................ Your a liberal or kind of in the middle?.......... then by all means MSNBC,ABC,NBC,CBS and then we have...... PBS............  I will say have tried to undercover several stories,but just never seem to get the legs to gain momentum the one thing in common the "Gate Keeper", Please remember the best lie the one that is 99.9% true it's always that.01% that truly changes the facts!
There are fewer and fewer complete story that states the facts from beginning to end, and the few that are have been done are called half baked facts, and never make it to the front page. Most stories are filled with half-truths at best. The news today is more for entertainment than finding the truth.
Because of the way the news agencies report the news they have divided the American public, and have pitted one group against the other....still don't believe me just look at Congress a 14% approval rating? Why do we continue electing the same failures....your Lolly-Pop News is the biggest reason. A select few and special interest are the only one's that are winning, and taking all the marbles...leaving nothing behind for the rest of America and our children the very future of our Great Country.

We had nothing of significance from any of the news agencies for the most part, but how Congress was going to save the student loan debt crisis by extending 3.4% student loan rate that really turned into 6.8%, and could increase in some cases to over 10%. The interest rate helps, but it is not a solution at best a quick fix until the special interest groups figure out how to pay off Congress for their next windfall of huge profits off the backs of our children again and again..........

The real problem is that if anyone in these news agencies questions anything of real importance that will get in the way of our great Country's government..... our Congress that is suppose to govern our citizens best interest? .I hope you realize now has been corrupted to the very core; they will have no access to get what little bit of truth they can report.

I want to also remember it took $7 Billion to elect the President and Congress the last elections.
The politician that spent the most won 95% of the time. To me it sounds like election were bought.................. what is your opinion?

These facts I have tried to verify several times from several sources

1) 20 Million Americans attend college each year
2) 12 Million or 60% borrow annually  to help pay for their education
3) In 2012 there were 37 Million Americans with student loan debt
4) Since 1978 the cost of college tuition in the United States gone up by over 900 percent!
5) Close to two-thirds of college student graduate with student loans
6) In 1978 Federal student loan bankruptcy was taken away
7) In 2005 Private student loan bankruptcy was taken away
8) A gambler can declare bankruptcy.....??????
9) The student loan debt is now $1.2 Trillion.....the scary part is that is growing faster today than ever
     before. (just 3 years ago when I started my research the student loan debt was $850 Billion 
     Please......... I ask you to do the math I know you will then see the bigger picture of this crisis!)
10) The average student loan debt 2012- $29,400 ......up more than 10% from the previous year
11) We  give $Billions of tax credits to corporations that turn around and send their huge profits
      off shore, and then the jobs our Great Country needs so desperately are being sent overseas?
      Why? How is this possible?.....Ask our President and Congress!!!!!!!

I believe if we took those $billions in tax credits and used them to pair college graduates with small
business we would have a stimulus program that would reward success instead of failure...
It would jump start our economy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a Real Stimulus Program that actually works!
Does anyone remember the bail out? Remember how it rewarded failure and gave huge bonus to these failing companies executives?

                                    "Trickle from the Middle Up and Down Theory"

There are 100's of facts to show you that our children's future are being taken away a little more every day.

Should our children not be given the opportunity to live the .........American Dream?

I will tell you that I believe that Alan Collinge  who's web-site
has the right idea if we really want to find the truth. I had ask him several times to change to a 501 non-profit and he could easily raise the money to get his message out. This man of true integrity
refused to change to the non-profit tax exempt status.......because in the end hidden agenda's from those that donate the most seem to take over the true mission. I ask you to please try to convince yourself this is not true of who you are listening to today! There will be an hidden agenda anytime money becomes more important than the true mission.

I ask you to read my blog from my first post. I will tell you I have given my heart and soul to finding  simple common sense solutions to help solve the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt crisis. If these simple common sense solutions were put into action there would never be another student loan debt crisis.

"A baby comes into this world with only hope;the only gold we leave this earth with is our word"

                                                                                                              Anthony Eller

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