Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thank you for Your Concern,It's Now Time for Results!

I started Project Tuition Reimbursement, because of the lack of concern our Congress, The President and a select few have for our children, and their future. The very future of our Great Country.

I want to thank each and everyone that has taken the time to read  the words of what some have called a crazy old man that has struggled most of his life living with moderate to lighter severe dyslexia. You can call me crazy if this will bring awareness of the injustice of  student loan consumer protection being removed. I do know the difference between right and wrong!.....and this is just plain wrong. I will be vindicated when our politicians and the select few have been shown to the world that they have taken away our children future for their own personal gain while destroying our Great Country in the process. I will continue to bring awareness to the now $1.2 Trillion Student Loan Debt Crisis. I hope you are as scared as I am knowing this student loan debt is growing faster than ever before, and if changes are not made now the student loan debt bubble is going to bust!

There was a group of Congressmen that took away Federal Student Loan Bankruptcy in 1978
I have given you list of Congressmen that took away Private Student Loan Bankruptcy in 2005.
I want to share this list again

This is the bigger issue that should be being discuss.

Remember The Congress had to protect the American tax payers in 2005?

Sponsor: Senator Chuck Grassley
Thomas Carper
Mike Crapo
Jim DeMint
Michael Enzi
Chuck Hagel
Orrin Hatch
Benjamin Nelson
Jeff Sessions
Richard Shelby
John Sununu
John Thune
David Vitter

  with a vote.............. of/  yeas........ 302......... nays....... 126    nv...........7 passed

 The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act 2005
I have stated over and over again that integrity it seems  is no longer important in the election of our politicians?
When it takes over $7Billion to elect the President and Congress the last election their loyalty is now sold to the highest bidder!
It's time to call each and everyone on the list above, and your own Congressmen, and tell them it's time to reinstate both Federal and Private student loan bankruptcy.

I ask you to read Alan Collinge   Alan after living the experience of student loan debt and how the debt can destroy a students future.He now has given his life to this fight to reinstate  both Federal and Private student loan bankruptcy
This is the first step in correcting this debt! Then there are 100's of common sense solutions
to make education affordable to every child and again give our children the
opportunity to live the ..................................American Dream!

I will state once again until the huge profits are taken out of education there will be no real solutions!
We the American people can change this with our votes! I challenge each of you this coming election.
"A baby is born into this world with only hope, the only gold we leave this earth with is our word"
                                                                                                    Anthony Eller
P.S. Thank you for 10,000 views!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mr.President............. It's not to Late!

Mr. President............... First there never should have been a $1.2 Trillion student loan debt crisis!
The scary fact is that it's growing faster today than ever before!  ..................Why?

Mr. President you promised our Great Country Change? Maybe it was our fault for assuming you meant change for all of us in our Great Country, not just the select few.

We all make mistakes................ I promise you I have made my fair share.

 Mr. President you told us your were a man of integrity?

Integrity is a word that has lost it's true definition

I am what some would say Just a crazy old man who has struggled being dyslexic my whole life.
I turned my life around stopped blaming others, and started taking responsibility for my own actions.

I knew I had to define myself and what I believe............  if true change was going to happen

So with this said I have my definition of integrity I read every morning along with my prayers
and I journal every morning on the day before ("Reflection" what did I accomplish the day before and sometimes it's still nothing and that's ok)...........  I"m focused and ready to start every day!

I would like to share with you my definition of integrity

        For every action there's a reaction; this is what shows a person character.
        And for every reaction there's a time for reflection. It's at this point
        "We find the courage to stand up and admit when we're wrong"
                                             This is Integrity
                                                                                   Anthony Eller

Mr. President it's OK to admit you were wrong! It's not too late to fix  the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt, and give our children their future back. Today is the day to give our children the chance that you Mr. President with the help of Congress have  taken away!

Our children deserve the opportunity to live........................................ the American Dream.

 "A baby comes into this world with only hope. The only gold we leave this earth with is our word."

                                                                                                      Anthony Eller

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Student Loan System is Rigged!

I want start this off by saying you can get a great college education, but you have to watch for all the pit-falls along the way.

This is a link that I received from Alan Collinge

I believe you owe it to your yourself to read Alan's web-site. I would suggest start with
Frequently Asked Questions and sign the petition.      
I think it's very important that you know this issue is not about the right against the left..... or Republican verses Democrat....... The student loan debt crisis this $1.2 Trillion student loan debt that is growing faster today than ever before.........
This is about right and wrong.... Our children.... our young adults  student loan consumer protection rights have been stripped away  

In order to clean up the now $1.2 Trillion student loan debt and yes it is a "CRISIS"  and  with the scary fact is that this debt is now growing faster than ever before.
Student loan bankruptcy has to be reinstated! The Federal student loan bankruptcy was taken away in 1978 and then Private student loan bankruptcy in 2005.

I am starting to see programs like SALT which is now available on over 200 college campus and

  1. I am not endorsing either of the sites, but there  seems to be helpful information from both sources and management of the student loan debt has been a major problem.
The  biggest problem is the corruption in government  a good first step

If our leaders want to truly lead our Great Country

New laws need the approval and have the full support of our President and Congress!...... Integrity?

1) The Sequester starts with the President and Congress

2) No retirement package (The President and Congress were never intended to be a career!)
3) Salary changes based on the salary of an average American Citizen
4) Health insurance only while in office
5) No more than $1 million spent to get elected
 (Still too much! The American People should determine the amount/ no more elections bought!)

Serving America should be an "Honor Not a Privilege"

I don't mind if you want to call me a crazy old man, but everything above is just good old plain common sense! We have let a select few take over our Great Country with the help of the President and Congress. I have said this several times, and will continue to tell you it took $7 Billion? to elect the President and Congress the last election!

I want to add an update with the new Supreme Court ruling the $7 Billion it cost the last election could easily double  in 2016!

Look around do you like what you see?

 All I see is the image of  the 3 stooges.................. x 535 plus1

Just remember  when the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt bubble bust! That's was me just a crazy old man talking non-sense!