Sunday, September 1, 2013

Keep it Simple....Everyone Should Understand!

I am committed to telling you only the facts, and I have been hard on the President and Congress for the poor job they have done. I ask anyone that thinks I have said anything that is not true to please post to my/our blog.
If I was wrong I will be the first to admit it! And I will make the correction

The corruptions runs so deep and seems to only be getting worse........ not better!

It starts with the election of the President and Congress I have said this several time that the last election it took almost $7 Billion to elect the President and Congress????

Where do you think their loyalty is going to the American People or the corporations and special interest that bought them their seats?

I have given you so many solutions that are just plain common sense. Also each solution has checks and balances. The problem is when something is simple there is no way that cronyism will work. The President and Congress  have to be able to hide the truth in order for their donators to be able to make the huge profits off the back of our great country's future.............our children!

I have to tell you this morning how proud and how honored I am to know this young man Ryan Jones. Ryan still owes some where around $30,000 in student loan debt! He started to write me and decided that with his writing talents he could warn those students coming behind him of the dangers
of student loans.

This book is a guide not only for the students, but concerned parents as well.

With more concerned youth like Ryan and Alan Collinge of student loan justice

We have correct the past problems to allow student loan bankruptcy once again. Bankruptcy is not just about forgiving the debt. Bankruptcy is about reorganizing the debt so our graduates, and those that didn't graduate, but still ended up with an outrageous amount of student loan debt will have a chance to rebuild their lives............ that  have been so unjustly taken away.

And don't forget about an old fart like me that was scared to write because of being dyslexic.
If I can write no matter how bad sometimes...........any one can write! Yes that's right it means you can too! I know you can make a difference......... I'm living proof that each one of us can make a difference!
Don't believe me ask Ryan Jones!......... he stood it's your turn what are you going to do?

We all have to get involved before our children, our young adults future are taken away.............  this is the very future of our great country! Please tell me you'll help our children, our young adults have the same opportunity that each of us were given.

I challenge each of you to start to speak up tell your Congress and the President we have had enough!

This $1.2 Trillion student loan bubble is going to bust if changes are not made quickly!

My only agenda is that every child should have an affordable education and the opportunity  to live the............................American Dream!

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Thomas Edison

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