Monday, August 5, 2013

Reality Check! Now just imagine your new born baby

The $1.2 Trillion student loan debt that is now growing faster than ever before. If we do not make drastic changes now. The average tuition is increasing 8% yearly and if no changes are made now will  double in 9 years! I an not an economist, but simple math will tell you a public state college at $17,500 and I promise you this is a very inexpensive school in 9 years $35,000 and the 9 years after that $70,000 now times 4 years= $280,000  this looks more like an Ivy league school.

We need solutions not just the low interest rates that Congress passed that the rates keep growing every year capped at 9.25% for students and 10.5%.parent plus student loans.Congress is running student loans like a profit center with the huge profits going right back into a system that is outdated with no checks and balances.

Real solutions staring with helping our graduates who life's have already been turned up side down
My petition 1 year reinstatement  allows both sides to be heard and then we can make a decision in the best interest of our Great Country.

Please if you don't like my petition do you have a better idea?

I have no hidden agenda!

My one and only agenda is to give  every child the opportunity at an affordable education and their chance to live the ...................................American Dream.

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