Friday, August 23, 2013

President Obama now going to pick the Winners and Losers?

I have said from my very first post we need simple common sense solutions.

I want you to stop a think, better yet I would like you to sleep on this tonight. Every time our Politician's said they are going to protect us the solutions are always very complicated?

I have also told you when I started this blog, until the huge profits are taken out of education
there will be no real solutions.

I want each of you to read President Obama proposals first. His new proposals are easy to find
the whole lollypop news media (pick your flavor of non-sense news! Can someone tell me where is the real news ?)  are out in force to report how he is going to solve the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt. It doesn't stop there tuition is increasing 8% a year and will double in 9 years if measures aren't put into place now.

After your have read his proposals, I ask you to take the time and go back and read my solutions.
I have some very good ones and some that could use some work. I will tell my heart and soul has gone into every one. Simple common sense solution that will give a hand up,but not a hand out to the very future of our Great Country...........................our children!

I have only one agenda and that is for every child to have the chance to receive an affordable education and the opportunity to live the..............................American Dream!

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