Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Must Read Article! link to The College Loan Scandal by Matt Taibbi


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I only have one agenda and that is every child is given the opportunity of an affordable education
and chance to live the ..................................American Dream!


Can you tell me why?

OK this post was written 08/27 . It seems someone has gone back put 1 thumb down on the last 8 post I had gone over 30 post with all thumbs up until you?
Man Up................... defend your position!
Do you not think we have a serious problem with the outrageous cost of education today?
If I'm wrong I have said before I will admit it.




Friday, August 23, 2013

President Obama now going to pick the Winners and Losers?

I have said from my very first post we need simple common sense solutions.

I want you to stop a think, better yet I would like you to sleep on this tonight. Every time our Politician's said they are going to protect us the solutions are always very complicated?

I have also told you when I started this blog, until the huge profits are taken out of education
there will be no real solutions.

I want each of you to read President Obama proposals first. His new proposals are easy to find
the whole lollypop news media (pick your flavor of non-sense news! Can someone tell me where is the real news ?)  are out in force to report how he is going to solve the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt. It doesn't stop there tuition is increasing 8% a year and will double in 9 years if measures aren't put into place now.

After your have read his proposals, I ask you to take the time and go back and read my solutions.
I have some very good ones and some that could use some work. I will tell my heart and soul has gone into every one. Simple common sense solution that will give a hand up,but not a hand out to the very future of our Great Country...........................our children!

I have only one agenda and that is for every child to have the chance to receive an affordable education and the opportunity to live the..............................American Dream!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Student Loan Bankruptcy was Taken Away!................Why?

Bankruptcy was taken away from Federal Student Loans in 1978  and Private Student Loans 2005. Why?

This is an issue that should be being solved now! We have lost generations from 1978 to present that
have had their lives destroyed; even though they tried to do what was right.

The Congress had to protect the Bankers... in 2005?

Did someone forget to tell Congress that our Federal and/or State Judge's would make the decision if a student loan bankruptcy case had merit to discharge the debt? Is this not why we have our court system in America?

Now for the reason why! The list below are the Congressman that changed the law. No one really knows except them. We need to ask each and everyone of them their reason for changing the law, and give them a opportunity to admit they were wrong in their decision.

I have found a true man of integrity has the courage to admit his mistakes !

Congressman Grassley and your co-sponsors........... are you men of integrity?

Sponsor: Senator Chuck Grassley
Thomas Carper
Mike Crapo
Jim DeMint
Michael Enzi
Chuck Hagel
Orrin Hatch
Benjamin Nelson
Jeff Sessions
Richard Shelby
John Sununu
John Thune
David Vitter

  with a vote.............. of/  yeas........ 302......... nays....... 126    nv...........7 passed

 The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act 2005

Student loans would no longer be able to declare Bankruptcy except in a very extreme circumstance

I have done the leg work now all we have to do is continue to call, write, email, sign all petitions that would reinstate student loan bankruptcy until they get the message that changes have to be made!!!!!!!


Studentloanjustic.org  also has a petition.( you can also read the history of this problem there)

Start your own petition I'll sign!!!!!!

Again Student Loan Bankruptcy is more about reorganizing of the debt, than the discharging of the debt!

Let your voices be heard by your Congressmen and President Obama

This fight is all about awareness!!........until Congress reinstates Student Loan Bankruptcy!

This is just one part of correcting this giant student loan mess that has allowed a select few to be able to make huge profits on the backs of our future.......................our children!

The student loan debt is at $1.2 Trillion and growing faster than ever before!

Tuition is increasing by 8% yearly and if nothing is done will double in 9 years!

I have no hidden agenda My only goal is for every child to have an affordable education and their opportunity to live..................................The American Dream!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Reality Check! Now just imagine your new born baby

The $1.2 Trillion student loan debt that is now growing faster than ever before. If we do not make drastic changes now. The average tuition is increasing 8% yearly and if no changes are made now will  double in 9 years! I an not an economist, but simple math will tell you a public state college at $17,500 and I promise you this is a very inexpensive school in 9 years $35,000 and the 9 years after that $70,000 now times 4 years= $280,000  this looks more like an Ivy league school.

We need solutions not just the low interest rates that Congress passed that the rates keep growing every year capped at 9.25% for students and 10.5%.parent plus student loans.Congress is running student loans like a profit center with the huge profits going right back into a system that is outdated with no checks and balances.

Real solutions staring with helping our graduates who life's have already been turned up side down
My petition 1 year reinstatement  allows both sides to be heard and then we can make a decision in the best interest of our Great Country.


Please if you don't like my petition do you have a better idea?

I have no hidden agenda!

My one and only agenda is to give  every child the opportunity at an affordable education and their chance to live the ...................................American Dream.