Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Why Do We Not Have Soultions?......just maybe

The student debt crisis is a prime example of why it is so vitally important to get the money out of politics. Since 2011, Sallie Mae has spent over $5 million on lobbying against the best interest of countless student borrowers and the U.S. taxpayers.

With the removal of bankruptcy protections from both federal and private student loans, lenders such as Sallie Mae are able to offer loans with virtually no risk. To make matters worse, Sallie Mae also owns many of the collection companies that collect on defaulted student loans. Once a student defaults, as much as 25% can be added to the principal, allowing Sallie Mae to make even more money if a borrower defaults.

The paragraphs above are the opening of a petition demanding that our lawmakers stop accepting money from student lenders such as Sallie Mae.

I spend on average two hours a day and some days much longer looking for solutions to the $1.2 Trillion Student Loan Debt Crisis! The $1.2 Trillion is not the worse part, because this debt is growing faster than ever before! Along with 8% increase in tuition now doubling every nine years...... I ask you to simply just do the math!

Without a solution now the student loan crisis is the next Bubble and it is going to Bust!

Our lawmakers are going to try to tell us they tried to fix the student loan problem by keeping
the interest rates low! They're going to tell us they have proof just read  "lollypop news" you know the news where you pick your own favor! The problem is lower rates has never been the solution, and never will be! At best the lower rates  have just prolonged the pain and destruction our lawmakers have allowed to happen to our graduates and Our Great Country!

What is the old saying................... sold your soul to devil!

The last election almost $7 Billion was spent on the President and Congress to get elected?

I have a question how do you put your head on your pillow and sleep at night knowing what you are doing to our Graduates and to this Great Country?.............Oh I forgot $7 Billion can help you forget.
Oh ............Please excuse me I'm a little slow today I also for forgot that the lobbyist and Special Interest will continue to bring you dessert........... for the next 4 years!

Lawmakers you need to take a good  hard look in the mirror and see what you have become!

I have started a petition A 1 year Reinstatement of Student Loan Bankruptcy both Federal and Private and with the petition above this will be a great first step to getting rid of the huge profits being made on student loan 

As you can see I'm far from even a average writer, my articles have been turned down because
     "Many of the submissions you've sent have had grammatical and formatting errors."

I know this and I am trying everyday to improve.
The problem is the student loan debt crisis can't wait on me becoming that great writer!

The only agenda I have

Every child should be afforded the opportunity through education............................
to live.............................The American Dream!

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