Thursday, July 11, 2013

When Will They Listen?

I spend at least two hours a day searching for solutions to this now $1.2 Trillion student loan debt!
Now if  this debt would stop here, but that's not the case the debt is now growing at its fastest pace to date! I promise you until solutions are put into place, I will continue. Until education, and our children, and our young adults are put before the huge profits I will not stop.

There are solutions out there if only the President and Congress would listen!

Yesterday I ran across . These young adults are just asking to be able to re-finance their student loans. This opportunity would get our graduates out of debt quicker and give them their chance to live the American Dream.This is a big first step to start putting money back into the economy.

 All the talk about forgiving loans and it seems this turning our country against helping. I know myself if I owe a debt I'm expected to pay it. This is a growing and teaching lesson for all of us
The problem with student loans the system has been rigged. We are holding our graduates and those that had to drop out responsible a for debt that each had the best intentions of paying the back loan, but no jobs were or have been available.

I have proposed:
1 year reinstatement of the student loan bankruptcy both federal and private. I would suggest  the proceedings be shown on c-span for the American public can understand the real student loan debt problems.I would also request that Congress allow the  America Citizens the opportunity to vote for permanent reinstatement of student loan bankruptcy both federal and private.

Bankruptcy is more than discharging the complete debt. It's about re-organizing the debt.
I manage commission employees; when a designers receive part of their commission I stress that 1/2 of a sale is better than no sale!
This is common sense approach for the student loan lenders even 1/2 is better than no return on the student loan.............................Stockholders are you listening??

There have been mistakes made by all it's now time we come together and correct these mistakes

Laws need to changed there has got to be full disclosure. We need to help our Graduates succeed
not teach them failure. The current system is broken it's time to put our children before the profits.

Why are we allowing a select few destroy our children future ?

This is the Greatest Country in the World!....... Where the American Dream is still possible.

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