Thursday, July 25, 2013

Until Solutions are Found !

I will not stop working to find answers and I hope with your support until solutions to the student loan debt crisis have been found. There is not going to be one magic answer to fix this giant mess. This problem I believe started with the best intentions making a college education available, but there are always those that will think only of themselves. And this is where the problem began simply put Greed and Power over the very people they sword to protect.

We have to make sure this time around there are checks and balances in place that a problem like this will not happen ever again

My petition;

1 year reinstatement of student loan bankruptcy both Federal and Private and to have the proceedings shown on c-span.  The American public can watch and  form your own opinion.
Then have a vote for reinstatement of the student loan bankruptcy both Federal and Private

The Congress argument was that graduates were abusing the bankruptcy laws. Not true the judge has to decide if there is grounds for bankruptcy .......not the graduate!
And just so we're clear bankruptcy is more about the reorganization of the debt........  than the discharge of the complete debt .............       Bank shareholders are you listening? 

The system has been rigged by the lenders with the help of their Lobbyist and Special Interest
and don't forget Congress had to pass the law....and we elected them! ...... Why?

Look around the student loan debt is just one of the many problems we are having.

Reported up to $1Trillion in tax dollars wasted or unaccounted for in 2012?

Almost $7 Billion spent to elect the President and Congress the last election.
Look your Congressmen in the eye and ask why?

Our Great Country is being mortgaged away!

I will ask you until we can correct the student loan problems. We have to be smarter with your student loans

Ask the hard question about your loans

Demand to be consulted at the end of the school year  know what you owe and what your monthly payments would be right now

Make sure your committed to your studies

Don't be afraid to take a year off .................

This is your life.................. right now the average student loan debt  is $27,500 and it's growing too!

Please  write me with your questions if I don't have the answer, I will do my best to find the answer
or put you in touch with someone that can help

Remember the student loan debt is now $1.2 trillion! Now if the student loan debt would stop here I know we could fix it.
The problem is the debt continues to grow faster and faster everyday with no solutions coming from our
President,Congress,only a hand full of States, and only a hand full of Colleges.

I will not forget  to thank all the student groups, the advocates, and other groups that understand the crisis
and are working hard every day to find solutions.......again Thank you!

Congress continues to tell us just keep the interest rates low and the student loan debt crisis is solved????

If we do not find solution now........... The Student Loan Debt Bubble is going to Bust!

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