Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Truth,Honesty, and Integrity

We're brought up from an early age being told that truth, honesty, and integrity, and when you add education you have all the ingredients for a long successful live. We're also told that if we live by these principles no one can ever take our achievements away.

I will promise you without starting with the truth................ honesty and integrity have no real meaning.

I will tell you there are a very few in Congress that have held their ground, and are working hard to not let the Lobbyist and Special interest group influence their votes. And how they are not owing either their party or donators that helped them get elected in the first place? I find it very hard to believe that a few votes have not gotten through.

I know it seems that this blog has been bashing our politician's. I have no choice but to point out the money that is being spent on our elections. Close to $7 Billion the last election for the President and Congress. We're coming up on the next election which is predicted to cost even more money?

 WHY?    Have we the American people allowed this happen? 

Congress is called the Millionaire's Club for a very good reason. If they're not millionaires coming in they will be after taking the lobbyist job, consulting big business, writing books. Not to mention a retirement package most Americans could only dream of having.

Mr. President and Congress this should be the greatest honor that an American can ever have the opportunity and privilege of serving our great Country.

I know we are told to believe that elections are expensive................ again Why?

Shouldn't election be about the serving the American people not the few. You spend $Billions on programs that there have been no checks and balances on from day one. We should be offering the less fortunate a hand up not a hand out where corruption is just accepted?

If you were the men and women you claim to be! you would serve a couple of terms at a token $1 a year or give your salary to a cause that could make real change, and using your benefits only while in office. Then going back to the private sector where you can help grow our economy instead of  bankrupting our graduates. You do realize you are destroying the middle class, and you have mortgaged our country away?

Congress please tell us what you had to give up for the sequester?.......... salary, benefits? 

Change can happen educational benefits were taken away from our Veterans, but were reinstated when  American's became outraged and spoke out!

This brings us right back to the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt crisis which is now growing at it's fastest pace to date.

The $1.2 Trillion student loan debt bubble is going to bust!

Truth, Honesty, and Integrity???

Where are your solutions?

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