Saturday, July 6, 2013

So is 3.4% really the Solution?

I look in amazement that The President and Congress are working so hard to keep your interest  rate
at 3.4%. Because you know if they're able to accomplish this feat the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt is solved!Everyone can now breath again.

I am not saying that the 3.4% will not help to keep your payments lower. What I'm telling you keeping the rate at 3.4% it is not a solution. It's a short term quick fix that really solves nothing in the over all picture of your  growing debt. Yes I said growing because of the accrued interest if you look closely at your statement  many of you are paying more in interest  than principle each month.
Can't find a job and have to put your loan in forbearance more interest and fees. Oh did I forget to mention default.......................and no jobs!

What I am trying to tell you we need solutions. This is the reason I started this blog.

Education and student loans are big business. I want you know there are still educators and colleges that are still doing their very best to put the student before profits, but that is becoming more
the exception than the rule.

What I would ask of each of you when someone is claiming to have your best interest first check
their motives. The reason I ask because no matter how good of person they may be, that getting elected in today's world  the last election almost $7 Billion was spent.
There are favors owed by all 535+1!

I want you to know I have only one agenda!
.......................... And that is to solve with your help the student loan debt from the very root of the problem. This is the only way education and student loans will become affordable to everyone.

Everyone should have the opportunity to live the American Dream!

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