Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Russian Roulette Why?

I have said time after time this blog is not to beat up anyone. This blogs only purpose is give our children and our young adults the education they deserve.......The opportunity to live the American Dream!

Our children we owe an education to them because our job is to protect them until they able to protect themselves. Our young adults going off to college we need to help with the means we have available.

Now in today's world the middle class can only help to prepare our young adults to become good citizens and our future leaders of tomorrow. The days of college funds for most part are a thing of the past The insurance cost alone have families living from paycheck to paycheck. Remember Obama Care? I'm about $50,000.00 a year the newest increase family plan $551.39 bi-weekly
You do the math...........................Luckily with my wife's employer our insurance is a little less

Why have we the American voting public allowed our President and Congress  let college tuition increase from 1985 to 2012......439%?

I am not going to put all the blame on the President and Congress, because we are the ones that have continued to elect the same people term after term. Our election spending in the last election was almost $7 Billion? Do we really know them? An Indy jumpsuit would help...... at least then we would know who owns them.

Now I know who owns our politicians are very strong words. There is still a very few that are really trying to still make a difference. They're many that start off with the right intentions, but the first thing that happens is they need $Millions and $Millions to just get elected. Non-profits? organizations, Super PAC, the Republican and Democratic parties both have an agenda more and more election are being bought! Then elected here comes the "wink wink" remember who gave you the money to win? I now need your vote! The problem is Washington is ran by the good old boys!
Who in private call themselves................... "The Millionaires Club"

Now the congress that we elected are trying to convince you that if they can just keep the interest at
3.4% instead of raising it to 6.8% Oh I'm sorry it was raised July1!Now they want to save us by getting the rate back down. Don't believe me every news channel, every newspaper, the internet, they're all full of the stories how this senator or that congressmen is going to save the day! I will agree it will help,but the interest rate alone is not the solution! it's more a band-aid!

I write this blog from the heart and with great emotion. I am told I use too many exclamation point,
that I am sure is true. I chose 5 months ago to bring awareness, and to find solutions to the run away
cost of the student loan debt that is growing  at its fastest pace yet I feel it is my duty to write about the problems with elementary and secondary education as well .

The problem is our whole education system is broken! We... yes I said We!... We voted the President and Congress into office! So We have allow the lobbyist and special interest take over our education system and make it nothing more than a money machine for a select few. Our children and our young adults are no longer the first priority it's all about the Money First!

The solutions are simple! I have learned that when the American public can't understand it; you know their so called solutions.Corruption and fraud are not far behind. An easy example "income taxes"
Why are all of theses ungodly formulas needed? Shouldn't our laws be written in Black and White why should you have to a tax law interrupted? I really hate this term, but we are the 99%. We can change all that is wrong come election time.

I want you to know if this student loan debt  is not solved now. This is a Bubble that is gong to Bust!
Our leaders are going to say they didn't know it was this bad, but they tried to fix it with the3.4%!

Why have We.....?
   .......yes We allowed our leaders to play Russian Roulette with our children and our young adults future!   .........

 and Oh yes...... I love that exclamation point!!!

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