Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pilot Programs = Solutions!

Before I start my post today I ask you for your comments. This is our Great Country's next Bubble and if changes are now made now this Bubble is going to Bust! If you like what I'm saying give me your feedback and your solutions. Then write or call your Congressmen! If you don't like what I'm saying tell why I'm wrong, and how you would solve this $1.2 Trillion student loan debt! And that's not even the worse part the student loan debt crisis it is now growing at it's fastest pace to date!

We have to be pro-active an demand solutions! If not; do you remember the .com bubble, the Wall Street bail out?, the housing bubble? This time we can't let our leaders tell us they didn't know! We have 535 plus 1, every single one of our Congress and the President needs to come up with a Pilot-Program or a Pilot-Program recommended by the citizens or a citizen from their state that would work!

Congress and the President have tired to keep each of us focused on the increase from 3.4% to 6.8%
student loan interest rate though I agree it will help this is not a solution at best it's a Band-Aid.

Don't you think it's time with the way Congress likes to spend our tax dollars. We Challenge them
to actually work on a solution to one of the biggest problems facing our Great Country today?

The student loan debt crisis is a fast moving train that's going to crash the question is not if the question is when! Will it be today, tomorrow..................... ?

Just think if we got every Congressmen/Congresswomen and the President, and we with a united voice challenged for just one Pilot-Program from each. Give each $1 Million very small investment in our children future.

I want you to remember, before you say that's a lot of money. There are reports in 2012 of  up to $1 Trillion that was either wasted or funds that can't accounted for? How is this possible?

This challenge we will at least know where $536 Million of our tax dollars has gone!

We need solutions and we need solutions now!

Every child should have their opportunity to live the American Dream

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