Monday, July 29, 2013

New Federal Student loans a Shame!

We have got to change the thinking on student loans. I agree there should be a cost involved in a college degree. That said it's not always just loans it can be a scholarships based on merit.

Our present student loan system is outdated! America has changed! The saving for college is almost a thing of the pass for middle class families. Most middle class are now living week to week and some may be month to month just to pay for necessities with more and more if  they can afford health insurance the deductible is so high can't afford to use the insurance, but in extreme emergencies.

How is this possible in America?

Our President and Congress has no idea what's it's like worrying if your going to have that next pay check, or can I pay the mortgage. What missing just 1 paycheck will do to turn a family upside down! Now think of the graduate that just graduated and the terrible job market and low starting salaries.What a way to entered the work force if you can even find a job.................. Oh that's right Wal-Mart is always hiring

I had mention before Congress is not called the millionaires club for no reason, if not a millionaire already chances they will be by the time they leave office with a lobbyist job waiting with they're lifetime retirement.

Breaux and Lott are the perfect examples of the benefits of serving themselves after Congress!
The sequesters where everyone suffers except companies like General Electric and Citigroup their tax credits stayed in place with the help of our former Congressmen Breaux and Lott
Oh did I forget to mention  the President and Congress ............No pay or benefits cuts here! 

So I ask you why do we suffer as a nation, so a few can continue to destroy our Great Country?

Student loans should not be a profit center. There will have to be more over sight on student loans, and student loans should be low fixed rate made into permanent law.

I know this can not happen over night!

A start would be that at the end of the school year the student has a mandatory meeting with their adviser grades are discussed, is student on the right path, your loan amount is  $20,000 right now you would owe $350 a month for 20 years!................ Reality check this would be a start

Again my only agenda is that every child deserves their opportunity at an affordable education

and their chance to live.................................The American Dream!

The petition is to allow everyone to see the problems with the student loan debt crisis
Don't our graduates deserve one year to plead their case then we can all decide.
if Student loan bankruptcy is just or................... not?

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