Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Need Your Help!

I started this blog 5 months ago to the day March 9th. I had set a goal of 5000 hits in 6 months. I with your help have 5007 hits has of July 9,2013.We are a month ahead of goal! This overwhelming support our children and I have received...... I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My # 1 Goal is to put our children before the huge profits that are being made, which is going
to destroy our whole educational system.

Need proof look at your elementary, secondary schools,look at the outrageous tuition fees, the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt that is growing at it's fastest pace ever. Our graduates that are paying back student loans the size of a mortgage! Our Universities and Colleges have become junkies waiting for their next fix, and knowing an increase of government subsidies is on it's way.

Our President  and Congress will have you believe if they can keep the interest rates at 3.4% instead
of 6.8% which is now the new rate as of July 1 the student loan debt crisis will be solved?

I want you to understand I have 1 agenda and that is making education affordable for all!

Our children deserve the opportunity at the chance to live the American Dream.
I want to make sure I'm clear the American Dream is not given. It's an American Dream that it is earned!

There will have to be Checks and Balances to make this happen.

It seems our President and Congress don't understand this! Last year our tax dollars depending on the report up to $1Trillion was wasted or unaccounted for!

I have suggested before start a Pilot Program  at a failing school using 10 elementary class let an independent panel pick what are perceived as the 5 best teachers and 5 teachers who classes are failing.

1) Use Video Cameras for the good of our students and have a way to get rid of the bad teachers
    If big brother is watching why not use it for the betterment of our children education
2) Respect is a two way street! Teachers and students start showing respect for one another.
    The Video Cameras will stop the he said she said. Problems are documented.  Smile!
3) Teach the basic and show concern and understanding and Listen!! No standardized testing that does no good for the student,but is a money machine for everyone except the students
3) Getting Parents involved or the parents will face Consequences also
4) Love and Understanding will product better results than a standardized test
5) Teach the children attainable short term goals give them the will  and desire to succeed
6) When a child can achieve success from their short term goals..... long terms goals will follow
This list can go on and on...........

We have turned our schools over to so called specialist that don't have a clue what these children are facing!
We need to remember these specialist are going back to their nice homes while most of these children are
wondering if they will eat tonight.

Out of sight out of mind! It's seems real easy for them to hide from the truth, and give trash results that they only need more money and the standardized test will work? The real question is.... work for who?

No wonder Congress endorses these useless specialist and their useless tests! Listen to the news, read the newspaper. All I see are more kids killing each other because they see no future!
There is an estimated $1.7 Billion wasted, oh! I'm sorry spent on standardized testing according to Matt Chingos a fellow at the Brookings Institute.from a article Huff Post Education  Joy Resmovits 11/29/2012

We have been sold a sinking ship by the specialist. Please tell me if I'm wrong isn't a specialist  suppose to solve the problem? If so where are the results? Oh that's right they need just a little more money! It looks like the program is a failure.You don't believe me just look around.your town

.Discipline! We have gone sue crazy so instead of a fair punishment most student now  receive an unfair punishment, because of a  very few.  When a well respected high school has to enforce zero-tolerance. I thought we were a country of second chances? What is this teaching our children? Something has gone very wrong with our education system in America.

 On second thought maybe zero-tolerance is what we need in Congress.

I want to make sure everyone understands there is a small number of educator's that really care.

The problem is the money always seems to be more important than our children and our young adults
headed off to college.

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