Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Challenge You!

I have told you from day one I will not give up the fight until the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt is fixed. This involves more than just the debt coming down it also means up-dating the broken student loan system. Student loan tuition is increasing 8% yearly and will double in 9 years if  drastic changes  are not made. The banks are writing off $3 Billion in uncollectable debt?

As I said before I'm a 58 year old man who is dyslexic. In case you don't understand what this means I have a tough time reading, taking the symbols of letters and converting letters into sound and meaning, also inverting of numbers is a challenge I  had to come up with my own strategies to cope with my dyslexia, because when I was growing up we were just consider slow or lazy. This is a definition of my gift that I have borrowed from Charles Schwab who is also severely dyslexic yes the investment broker who happens to be worth $4.3 Billon!

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"
Quote by Thomas Edison who also had the gift of being dyslexic

I tell you this because you need to understand this is a true labor of love for my children, your children and future generations to come. I have also told you that I spend a minimum of two hours a day reading articles, researching, talking to anyone that will listen. There are 100's of solutions;
the problem is a few want to make huge profits off of our children's education. Why do we the American public allow this to happen?

 The $1.2 Student Loan Debt Crisis is a very complex problem that again a few have created.

The solution is not complicated  We are some 314 million strong and I hate to use the term against,
but that is the problem. The majority of  our 535+1 are not working for the best interest our Great Country.

Please someone help all of us to understand why it took almost $7 Billion to elect the President and Congress the last election?

OK here's the Challenge we need    2 solutions from each to start to solve this Crisis

1-A solution to bring down the $1.2 Trillion Student Loan Debt  please remember this debt continues to grow larger and larger everyday........ until we have a solution!

2-A solution to make education affordable to all of our children

I would love to have you on board. This debt must be a concern to you, or you wouldn't be reading   my blog.

Now the question is......... do you care enough to get involved

I have one agenda and one agenda only..........

To make education affordable for every child................ to give them the opportunity  to

Live the.........................................American Dream!

The petition is to allow everyone to see the problems with the student loan debt crisis
Don't our graduates deserve one year to plead their case then we can all decide.
if Student loan bankruptcy is just.................. or not?

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