Monday, July 1, 2013

First! Can We All Agree The Student Loan System is Broke?

I can't get the Student Loan Debt Crisis off my Mind! It's 3:15, and I have tossed and turned until I finally just got up!

I know the Student Loan Crisis is "Real" my reasoning is simple, if there were no problems
The Debt would not have gone from $1.1 Trillion and to $1.2 Trillion and this debt is growing at an even faster pace than before!

I know there are solutions!

The problem with the solutions........... the Money Train would have Stop!

Our elected politician's that now need at the very minimum of $1.5 million! There is story after story
that show us the politician's that spend the most are the ones that continue to get elected?
This coming elections the total will be in the $Billions, between the President and for the most part the Same Congress being re-elected?

                  Why should the election cost this much money to elect 535 plus 1 ?

CycleTotal Cost of ElectionCongressional RacesPresidential Race
                                                    The source Open Secrets

                      I know this would never happen, but What a Dream 1 vote $1
                                No election could ever be bought again!

My first question is why do we the American people allow this to continue? America is broke!
Our Congress reminds me of my children when they were young, and wanting something we couldn't afford telling me daddy just write a check!

I ask you to look around the world at countries like Greece, France, Italy, Spain just to mention a few! The  austerity measures that have been put into place and what these measure have done to the middle class and poor.

America  our own austerity is coming......... is this what we really want?

We're having a small taste with the sequester that the President and Congress have put into place! I need someone to tell me why these cuts didn't start with the salaries of the President and Congress?

Our biggest problem in this country and left in place will destroy this Great Country

Lobbyist and Special Interest groups! Can someone tell me why most are non-profits?

There are sensible common sense solution to the Student Loan Debt !
But in order  to work we must get rid of the Money Train!

Until we hold those responsible......... There will be no Solutions!

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