Monday, July 29, 2013

New Federal Student loans a Shame!

We have got to change the thinking on student loans. I agree there should be a cost involved in a college degree. That said it's not always just loans it can be a scholarships based on merit.

Our present student loan system is outdated! America has changed! The saving for college is almost a thing of the pass for middle class families. Most middle class are now living week to week and some may be month to month just to pay for necessities with more and more if  they can afford health insurance the deductible is so high can't afford to use the insurance, but in extreme emergencies.

How is this possible in America?

Our President and Congress has no idea what's it's like worrying if your going to have that next pay check, or can I pay the mortgage. What missing just 1 paycheck will do to turn a family upside down! Now think of the graduate that just graduated and the terrible job market and low starting salaries.What a way to entered the work force if you can even find a job.................. Oh that's right Wal-Mart is always hiring

I had mention before Congress is not called the millionaires club for no reason, if not a millionaire already chances they will be by the time they leave office with a lobbyist job waiting with they're lifetime retirement.

Breaux and Lott are the perfect examples of the benefits of serving themselves after Congress!
The sequesters where everyone suffers except companies like General Electric and Citigroup their tax credits stayed in place with the help of our former Congressmen Breaux and Lott
Oh did I forget to mention  the President and Congress ............No pay or benefits cuts here! 

So I ask you why do we suffer as a nation, so a few can continue to destroy our Great Country?

Student loans should not be a profit center. There will have to be more over sight on student loans, and student loans should be low fixed rate made into permanent law.

I know this can not happen over night!

A start would be that at the end of the school year the student has a mandatory meeting with their adviser grades are discussed, is student on the right path, your loan amount is  $20,000 right now you would owe $350 a month for 20 years!................ Reality check this would be a start

Again my only agenda is that every child deserves their opportunity at an affordable education

and their chance to live.................................The American Dream!

The petition is to allow everyone to see the problems with the student loan debt crisis
Don't our graduates deserve one year to plead their case then we can all decide.
if Student loan bankruptcy is just or................... not?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Challenge You!

I have told you from day one I will not give up the fight until the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt is fixed. This involves more than just the debt coming down it also means up-dating the broken student loan system. Student loan tuition is increasing 8% yearly and will double in 9 years if  drastic changes  are not made. The banks are writing off $3 Billion in uncollectable debt?

As I said before I'm a 58 year old man who is dyslexic. In case you don't understand what this means I have a tough time reading, taking the symbols of letters and converting letters into sound and meaning, also inverting of numbers is a challenge I  had to come up with my own strategies to cope with my dyslexia, because when I was growing up we were just consider slow or lazy. This is a definition of my gift that I have borrowed from Charles Schwab who is also severely dyslexic yes the investment broker who happens to be worth $4.3 Billon!

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"
Quote by Thomas Edison who also had the gift of being dyslexic

I tell you this because you need to understand this is a true labor of love for my children, your children and future generations to come. I have also told you that I spend a minimum of two hours a day reading articles, researching, talking to anyone that will listen. There are 100's of solutions;
the problem is a few want to make huge profits off of our children's education. Why do we the American public allow this to happen?

 The $1.2 Student Loan Debt Crisis is a very complex problem that again a few have created.

The solution is not complicated  We are some 314 million strong and I hate to use the term against,
but that is the problem. The majority of  our 535+1 are not working for the best interest our Great Country.

Please someone help all of us to understand why it took almost $7 Billion to elect the President and Congress the last election?

OK here's the Challenge we need    2 solutions from each to start to solve this Crisis

1-A solution to bring down the $1.2 Trillion Student Loan Debt  please remember this debt continues to grow larger and larger everyday........ until we have a solution!

2-A solution to make education affordable to all of our children

I would love to have you on board. This debt must be a concern to you, or you wouldn't be reading   my blog.

Now the question is......... do you care enough to get involved

I have one agenda and one agenda only..........

To make education affordable for every child................ to give them the opportunity  to

Live the.........................................American Dream!

The petition is to allow everyone to see the problems with the student loan debt crisis
Don't our graduates deserve one year to plead their case then we can all decide.
if Student loan bankruptcy is just.................. or not?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Until Solutions are Found !

I will not stop working to find answers and I hope with your support until solutions to the student loan debt crisis have been found. There is not going to be one magic answer to fix this giant mess. This problem I believe started with the best intentions making a college education available, but there are always those that will think only of themselves. And this is where the problem began simply put Greed and Power over the very people they sword to protect.

We have to make sure this time around there are checks and balances in place that a problem like this will not happen ever again

My petition;

1 year reinstatement of student loan bankruptcy both Federal and Private and to have the proceedings shown on c-span.  The American public can watch and  form your own opinion.
Then have a vote for reinstatement of the student loan bankruptcy both Federal and Private

The Congress argument was that graduates were abusing the bankruptcy laws. Not true the judge has to decide if there is grounds for bankruptcy .......not the graduate!
And just so we're clear bankruptcy is more about the reorganization of the debt........  than the discharge of the complete debt .............       Bank shareholders are you listening? 

The system has been rigged by the lenders with the help of their Lobbyist and Special Interest
and don't forget Congress had to pass the law....and we elected them! ...... Why?

Look around the student loan debt is just one of the many problems we are having.

Reported up to $1Trillion in tax dollars wasted or unaccounted for in 2012?

Almost $7 Billion spent to elect the President and Congress the last election.
Look your Congressmen in the eye and ask why?

Our Great Country is being mortgaged away!

I will ask you until we can correct the student loan problems. We have to be smarter with your student loans

Ask the hard question about your loans

Demand to be consulted at the end of the school year  know what you owe and what your monthly payments would be right now

Make sure your committed to your studies

Don't be afraid to take a year off .................

This is your life.................. right now the average student loan debt  is $27,500 and it's growing too!

Please  write me with your questions if I don't have the answer, I will do my best to find the answer
or put you in touch with someone that can help

Remember the student loan debt is now $1.2 trillion! Now if the student loan debt would stop here I know we could fix it.
The problem is the debt continues to grow faster and faster everyday with no solutions coming from our
President,Congress,only a hand full of States, and only a hand full of Colleges.

I will not forget  to thank all the student groups, the advocates, and other groups that understand the crisis
and are working hard every day to find solutions.......again Thank you!

Congress continues to tell us just keep the interest rates low and the student loan debt crisis is solved????

If we do not find solution now........... The Student Loan Debt Bubble is going to Bust!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Truth,Honesty, and Integrity

We're brought up from an early age being told that truth, honesty, and integrity, and when you add education you have all the ingredients for a long successful live. We're also told that if we live by these principles no one can ever take our achievements away.

I will promise you without starting with the truth................ honesty and integrity have no real meaning.

I will tell you there are a very few in Congress that have held their ground, and are working hard to not let the Lobbyist and Special interest group influence their votes. And how they are not owing either their party or donators that helped them get elected in the first place? I find it very hard to believe that a few votes have not gotten through.

I know it seems that this blog has been bashing our politician's. I have no choice but to point out the money that is being spent on our elections. Close to $7 Billion the last election for the President and Congress. We're coming up on the next election which is predicted to cost even more money?

 WHY?    Have we the American people allowed this happen? 

Congress is called the Millionaire's Club for a very good reason. If they're not millionaires coming in they will be after taking the lobbyist job, consulting big business, writing books. Not to mention a retirement package most Americans could only dream of having.

Mr. President and Congress this should be the greatest honor that an American can ever have the opportunity and privilege of serving our great Country.

I know we are told to believe that elections are expensive................ again Why?

Shouldn't election be about the serving the American people not the few. You spend $Billions on programs that there have been no checks and balances on from day one. We should be offering the less fortunate a hand up not a hand out where corruption is just accepted?

If you were the men and women you claim to be! you would serve a couple of terms at a token $1 a year or give your salary to a cause that could make real change, and using your benefits only while in office. Then going back to the private sector where you can help grow our economy instead of  bankrupting our graduates. You do realize you are destroying the middle class, and you have mortgaged our country away?

Congress please tell us what you had to give up for the sequester?.......... salary, benefits? 

Change can happen educational benefits were taken away from our Veterans, but were reinstated when  American's became outraged and spoke out!

This brings us right back to the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt crisis which is now growing at it's fastest pace to date.

The $1.2 Trillion student loan debt bubble is going to bust!

Truth, Honesty, and Integrity???

Where are your solutions?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Why Do We Not Have Soultions?......just maybe

The student debt crisis is a prime example of why it is so vitally important to get the money out of politics. Since 2011, Sallie Mae has spent over $5 million on lobbying against the best interest of countless student borrowers and the U.S. taxpayers.

With the removal of bankruptcy protections from both federal and private student loans, lenders such as Sallie Mae are able to offer loans with virtually no risk. To make matters worse, Sallie Mae also owns many of the collection companies that collect on defaulted student loans. Once a student defaults, as much as 25% can be added to the principal, allowing Sallie Mae to make even more money if a borrower defaults.

The paragraphs above are the opening of a petition demanding that our lawmakers stop accepting money from student lenders such as Sallie Mae.

I spend on average two hours a day and some days much longer looking for solutions to the $1.2 Trillion Student Loan Debt Crisis! The $1.2 Trillion is not the worse part, because this debt is growing faster than ever before! Along with 8% increase in tuition now doubling every nine years...... I ask you to simply just do the math!

Without a solution now the student loan crisis is the next Bubble and it is going to Bust!

Our lawmakers are going to try to tell us they tried to fix the student loan problem by keeping
the interest rates low! They're going to tell us they have proof just read  "lollypop news" you know the news where you pick your own favor! The problem is lower rates has never been the solution, and never will be! At best the lower rates  have just prolonged the pain and destruction our lawmakers have allowed to happen to our graduates and Our Great Country!

What is the old saying................... sold your soul to devil!

The last election almost $7 Billion was spent on the President and Congress to get elected?

I have a question how do you put your head on your pillow and sleep at night knowing what you are doing to our Graduates and to this Great Country?.............Oh I forgot $7 Billion can help you forget.
Oh ............Please excuse me I'm a little slow today I also for forgot that the lobbyist and Special Interest will continue to bring you dessert........... for the next 4 years!

Lawmakers you need to take a good  hard look in the mirror and see what you have become!

I have started a petition A 1 year Reinstatement of Student Loan Bankruptcy both Federal and Private and with the petition above this will be a great first step to getting rid of the huge profits being made on student loan 

As you can see I'm far from even a average writer, my articles have been turned down because
     "Many of the submissions you've sent have had grammatical and formatting errors."

I know this and I am trying everyday to improve.
The problem is the student loan debt crisis can't wait on me becoming that great writer!

The only agenda I have

Every child should be afforded the opportunity through education............................
to live.............................The American Dream!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Is the Student Loan Debt Bubble Real? You Decide!

I am going to keep this very short today I want you to digest just a few facts

In just the start of 2013 January and February alone! The banks have declared $3 billion of student loan debt as noncollectable, according to Equifax's latest National Consumer Credit Trends Report.
This represents a 36 percent surge from the same period last year!

We now have thirty-five percent of people under 30 with student loans that are at least 90 days late on payments compared to 26 percent in 2008! reports from the Federal Reserve and Equifax.
It is also noted this number is likely higher because of  deferments in a grace period!

FICO  reported approximately 12 million Americans had two or more student loans in 2005
The figure has more than doubled to 26 million in 2012!

The average student loan debt in 2005 $17,233 this debt has increased 58 percent
 to $27,253 in 2012
A comparison of all other debt  categories  combined only grew 4.3 percent!
Does anyone see a problem here?

I am going to leave you with 1 last fact

FinAid has reported  there is an 8% Increase a year in college tuition . I ask you to pull out your
calculator's this means tuition is doubling every nine years!

The Facts don't lie............................

I have only 1 agenda, and that is every child should be afforded the opportunity

To live........................... the American Dream 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pilot Programs = Solutions!

Before I start my post today I ask you for your comments. This is our Great Country's next Bubble and if changes are now made now this Bubble is going to Bust! If you like what I'm saying give me your feedback and your solutions. Then write or call your Congressmen! If you don't like what I'm saying tell why I'm wrong, and how you would solve this $1.2 Trillion student loan debt! And that's not even the worse part the student loan debt crisis it is now growing at it's fastest pace to date!

We have to be pro-active an demand solutions! If not; do you remember the .com bubble, the Wall Street bail out?, the housing bubble? This time we can't let our leaders tell us they didn't know! We have 535 plus 1, every single one of our Congress and the President needs to come up with a Pilot-Program or a Pilot-Program recommended by the citizens or a citizen from their state that would work!

Congress and the President have tired to keep each of us focused on the increase from 3.4% to 6.8%
student loan interest rate though I agree it will help this is not a solution at best it's a Band-Aid.

Don't you think it's time with the way Congress likes to spend our tax dollars. We Challenge them
to actually work on a solution to one of the biggest problems facing our Great Country today?

The student loan debt crisis is a fast moving train that's going to crash the question is not if the question is when! Will it be today, tomorrow..................... ?

Just think if we got every Congressmen/Congresswomen and the President, and we with a united voice challenged for just one Pilot-Program from each. Give each $1 Million very small investment in our children future.

I want you to remember, before you say that's a lot of money. There are reports in 2012 of  up to $1 Trillion that was either wasted or funds that can't accounted for? How is this possible?

This challenge we will at least know where $536 Million of our tax dollars has gone!

We need solutions and we need solutions now!

Every child should have their opportunity to live the American Dream

Friday, July 12, 2013

Shelf Life Has Expired!

Helping students receive a higher education in America can be trace all the way back to Harvard in 1643 when a 100 English pounds was contribution by Lady Anne(Radcliffe) Mowlson  designated as an endowment fund for needy men wanting to attend Harvard. Radcliffe College was later named in her honor.

Fast forward to the GI Bill and then the start of our student loan program we know today.

The problem I see with the current student loan. There are so many layers that you have to go through
and the qualifications for the loans are outdated.

We have allowed the our politicians to give subsidies to for-profit schools that are more interested in profits than their students In 2009 $4.2 billion was spent on marketing, with  pre-tax profits 3.2 billion,but only $3.2 billion on instruction. Data from the Senate Report lead by Senator Tom Harkin

The whole student loan system is broken. The student loan program at this point is like a run away train it's going to be very hard to stop it. Our President and Congress need to slowly change the student loan program over to loans coming directly from the schools(Harvard endowment estimated is at $36.5 Billion in 2014) fund their loans, with others following suit or scholarship program based on merit.

I know this is going to be a bitter pill to shallow, but changes are going to have to be made if we are to continue to provide a college education for our children.

Universities and  Colleges need to become self sustainable starting their own nonprofit bank to fund their students at low fixed rate loans. I have mention Harvard with an estimated $36.4 Billion endowment would be a logically choice to create the blueprint for all colleges, and possibly  non-profit local community bank/lender for  again low fixed rate student loans.

Student loans done though Federal and Private banks/lenders in the current form are all about the profits not the student. Done on a smaller scale there can be checks and balances, and set up for the sole purpose of providing low fixed rate student loans. The huge salaries, bonus and profits the shareholders demand will no longer control student loans that continue to drive student loan even higher.

We have the technology today to provide this type of loan done more on the lines of a car loan
5 years $300 monthly payment. This will allow our graduates to pursue their dreams and would
be a true stimulus program that is based on success and not failure of the current student loan system .

There are simple common sense solutions to the student loan debt crisis.

We must remember America future is dependent on our children success

Thursday, July 11, 2013

When Will They Listen?

I spend at least two hours a day searching for solutions to this now $1.2 Trillion student loan debt!
Now if  this debt would stop here, but that's not the case the debt is now growing at its fastest pace to date! I promise you until solutions are put into place, I will continue. Until education, and our children, and our young adults are put before the huge profits I will not stop.

There are solutions out there if only the President and Congress would listen!

Yesterday I ran across . These young adults are just asking to be able to re-finance their student loans. This opportunity would get our graduates out of debt quicker and give them their chance to live the American Dream.This is a big first step to start putting money back into the economy.

 All the talk about forgiving loans and it seems this turning our country against helping. I know myself if I owe a debt I'm expected to pay it. This is a growing and teaching lesson for all of us
The problem with student loans the system has been rigged. We are holding our graduates and those that had to drop out responsible a for debt that each had the best intentions of paying the back loan, but no jobs were or have been available.

I have proposed:
1 year reinstatement of the student loan bankruptcy both federal and private. I would suggest  the proceedings be shown on c-span for the American public can understand the real student loan debt problems.I would also request that Congress allow the  America Citizens the opportunity to vote for permanent reinstatement of student loan bankruptcy both federal and private.

Bankruptcy is more than discharging the complete debt. It's about re-organizing the debt.
I manage commission employees; when a designers receive part of their commission I stress that 1/2 of a sale is better than no sale!
This is common sense approach for the student loan lenders even 1/2 is better than no return on the student loan.............................Stockholders are you listening??

There have been mistakes made by all it's now time we come together and correct these mistakes

Laws need to changed there has got to be full disclosure. We need to help our Graduates succeed
not teach them failure. The current system is broken it's time to put our children before the profits.

Why are we allowing a select few destroy our children future ?

This is the Greatest Country in the World!....... Where the American Dream is still possible.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Russian Roulette Why?

I have said time after time this blog is not to beat up anyone. This blogs only purpose is give our children and our young adults the education they deserve.......The opportunity to live the American Dream!

Our children we owe an education to them because our job is to protect them until they able to protect themselves. Our young adults going off to college we need to help with the means we have available.

Now in today's world the middle class can only help to prepare our young adults to become good citizens and our future leaders of tomorrow. The days of college funds for most part are a thing of the past The insurance cost alone have families living from paycheck to paycheck. Remember Obama Care? I'm about $50,000.00 a year the newest increase family plan $551.39 bi-weekly
You do the math...........................Luckily with my wife's employer our insurance is a little less

Why have we the American voting public allowed our President and Congress  let college tuition increase from 1985 to 2012......439%?

I am not going to put all the blame on the President and Congress, because we are the ones that have continued to elect the same people term after term. Our election spending in the last election was almost $7 Billion? Do we really know them? An Indy jumpsuit would help...... at least then we would know who owns them.

Now I know who owns our politicians are very strong words. There is still a very few that are really trying to still make a difference. They're many that start off with the right intentions, but the first thing that happens is they need $Millions and $Millions to just get elected. Non-profits? organizations, Super PAC, the Republican and Democratic parties both have an agenda more and more election are being bought! Then elected here comes the "wink wink" remember who gave you the money to win? I now need your vote! The problem is Washington is ran by the good old boys!
Who in private call themselves................... "The Millionaires Club"

Now the congress that we elected are trying to convince you that if they can just keep the interest at
3.4% instead of raising it to 6.8% Oh I'm sorry it was raised July1!Now they want to save us by getting the rate back down. Don't believe me every news channel, every newspaper, the internet, they're all full of the stories how this senator or that congressmen is going to save the day! I will agree it will help,but the interest rate alone is not the solution! it's more a band-aid!

I write this blog from the heart and with great emotion. I am told I use too many exclamation point,
that I am sure is true. I chose 5 months ago to bring awareness, and to find solutions to the run away
cost of the student loan debt that is growing  at its fastest pace yet I feel it is my duty to write about the problems with elementary and secondary education as well .

The problem is our whole education system is broken! We... yes I said We!... We voted the President and Congress into office! So We have allow the lobbyist and special interest take over our education system and make it nothing more than a money machine for a select few. Our children and our young adults are no longer the first priority it's all about the Money First!

The solutions are simple! I have learned that when the American public can't understand it; you know their so called solutions.Corruption and fraud are not far behind. An easy example "income taxes"
Why are all of theses ungodly formulas needed? Shouldn't our laws be written in Black and White why should you have to a tax law interrupted? I really hate this term, but we are the 99%. We can change all that is wrong come election time.

I want you to know if this student loan debt  is not solved now. This is a Bubble that is gong to Bust!
Our leaders are going to say they didn't know it was this bad, but they tried to fix it with the3.4%!

Why have We.....?
   .......yes We allowed our leaders to play Russian Roulette with our children and our young adults future!   .........

 and Oh yes...... I love that exclamation point!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Need Your Help!

I started this blog 5 months ago to the day March 9th. I had set a goal of 5000 hits in 6 months. I with your help have 5007 hits has of July 9,2013.We are a month ahead of goal! This overwhelming support our children and I have received...... I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My # 1 Goal is to put our children before the huge profits that are being made, which is going
to destroy our whole educational system.

Need proof look at your elementary, secondary schools,look at the outrageous tuition fees, the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt that is growing at it's fastest pace ever. Our graduates that are paying back student loans the size of a mortgage! Our Universities and Colleges have become junkies waiting for their next fix, and knowing an increase of government subsidies is on it's way.

Our President  and Congress will have you believe if they can keep the interest rates at 3.4% instead
of 6.8% which is now the new rate as of July 1 the student loan debt crisis will be solved?

I want you to understand I have 1 agenda and that is making education affordable for all!

Our children deserve the opportunity at the chance to live the American Dream.
I want to make sure I'm clear the American Dream is not given. It's an American Dream that it is earned!

There will have to be Checks and Balances to make this happen.

It seems our President and Congress don't understand this! Last year our tax dollars depending on the report up to $1Trillion was wasted or unaccounted for!

I have suggested before start a Pilot Program  at a failing school using 10 elementary class let an independent panel pick what are perceived as the 5 best teachers and 5 teachers who classes are failing.

1) Use Video Cameras for the good of our students and have a way to get rid of the bad teachers
    If big brother is watching why not use it for the betterment of our children education
2) Respect is a two way street! Teachers and students start showing respect for one another.
    The Video Cameras will stop the he said she said. Problems are documented.  Smile!
3) Teach the basic and show concern and understanding and Listen!! No standardized testing that does no good for the student,but is a money machine for everyone except the students
3) Getting Parents involved or the parents will face Consequences also
4) Love and Understanding will product better results than a standardized test
5) Teach the children attainable short term goals give them the will  and desire to succeed
6) When a child can achieve success from their short term goals..... long terms goals will follow
This list can go on and on...........

We have turned our schools over to so called specialist that don't have a clue what these children are facing!
We need to remember these specialist are going back to their nice homes while most of these children are
wondering if they will eat tonight.

Out of sight out of mind! It's seems real easy for them to hide from the truth, and give trash results that they only need more money and the standardized test will work? The real question is.... work for who?

No wonder Congress endorses these useless specialist and their useless tests! Listen to the news, read the newspaper. All I see are more kids killing each other because they see no future!
There is an estimated $1.7 Billion wasted, oh! I'm sorry spent on standardized testing according to Matt Chingos a fellow at the Brookings Institute.from a article Huff Post Education  Joy Resmovits 11/29/2012

We have been sold a sinking ship by the specialist. Please tell me if I'm wrong isn't a specialist  suppose to solve the problem? If so where are the results? Oh that's right they need just a little more money! It looks like the program is a failure.You don't believe me just look around.your town

.Discipline! We have gone sue crazy so instead of a fair punishment most student now  receive an unfair punishment, because of a  very few.  When a well respected high school has to enforce zero-tolerance. I thought we were a country of second chances? What is this teaching our children? Something has gone very wrong with our education system in America.

 On second thought maybe zero-tolerance is what we need in Congress.

I want to make sure everyone understands there is a small number of educator's that really care.

The problem is the money always seems to be more important than our children and our young adults
headed off to college.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

There are 100's of Solutions!

I started this blog March 9,2013.My first post came from a article I wrote February 16, 2012.
I tell you this because of how deeply I am  concerned about this crisis, and the reason for this blog!

My daughter Ashley was going to the University of Southern Mississippi. Then Hurricane Katrina hit we had a lot of damage at our home, but were in much better shape than most. The hurricane changed me forever. I got to see first hand just how unfair the system can be to the poor and the middle class, some losing their homes, life savings, jobs.  It seemed only the strong survived.

I found you learn to dig deep down, and at that point you find out the man you really are.

I found out there is always a solution, even when everyone is telling you to forget it there is no solution! I and the Gulf Coast are living proof they were wrong!!

Well that brings us right back to this $1.2 Trillion student loan debt. The debt is a very serious  problem I will not make light of this huge debt. The bigger problem this debt is growing at it's fastest pace yet!

The sad part is Our President and Congress wants us all to believe if they can just keep the interest rate at 3.4% The student loan debt crisis is solved?

I have spent almost 4 years now watching and researching this crisis.
I have spent the last 5 months giving you  solutions on Project Tuition Reimbursement.

1) Trickle from the Middle, Up and Down Theory
It is based loosely of the Opportunity Maine Tax Credit and the existing $5250 Tuition Reimbursement
program being used now to send employee's back to school and the employer receiving a tax credit to pay for the tuition.
Now you say you don't believe in tax credits
Our major corporations are receiving tax credits then sending their profits offshore and our jobs to China, Mexico, Vietnam etc.
Wouldn't using the tax credits to match small business and graduates together,  creating jobs, paying student loan debt,... and there will be checks and balances little or no waste of tax dollars!

 Using tax credit for Success, instead of Failure. These are Our Tax Dollars!

2) I suggested that Harvard be our first university to be self-sustainable, creating a blueprint/model for all colleges and universities.
My reasoning:
Harvard has the largest University endowment in the world; estimated $34Billion
The last down turn the economy lost an estimated $11 Billion or 27.3%! Why not invest in their  own future
Harvard  provides estimated 60% of their students with scholarships already
Create a non-profit Harvard Bank financing their student at a low fixed interest rate
The bank would create sustainable profit center to finance Harvard students
If your responsible for your own success cost will be kept at a minimum
Tuition would go down not up or at least wouldn't be an automatic increase yearly!
If  I'm not mistaken doesn't Harvard produce a large number of our world renowned economists?
Harvard would now be responsible for their own success or failure

3) Employer's buying the student loan then charging a low fixed rate coming out of graduates pay checks, pre-tax like our employee health care. The employer would make a modest 3%-5% return on their investment of their employee.This would allow graduates to make extra payments to the principle.
This would also help eliminate late fees, penalties, the additional compounding of accrued interest on the student loans.This could lead to a match by employer similar to our 401k plan

4) Non-profit lender/bank created at small college and communities to offer low fixed interest loans
    on a smaller scale. Checks and balances in place each year,student's to be reviewed before next loan is
    given for the next year classes.

5) A 1 year reinstatement of the bankruptcy laws both Federal and Private student loans to be shown on c-span for the American people and our politician's can see the real problems. I am asking Congress to allow the American people the opportunity to vote for permanent reinstatement.

There have be mistakes made on both sides, it's time to correct this problem.
At this point nothing is off the table as far as solutions.

This will be the next bubble to bust if major changes are not made now!

I only mention a few of my solutions. If you are concerned about this crisis I suggest you start reading my post from March forward. I know once you understand you can't help but get involved.

Each of  us has at least 1 solution!  Imagine if  all these options were available to our students.

I ask you to get involved write and call the President and your Congressmen/Congresswoman.
talk to your friends, co-workers etc..

It's time to demand real change!

I ask you.

Our youth, the future leaders of this Great Country. Do they not deserve the opportunity to live the American Dream?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

So is 3.4% really the Solution?

I look in amazement that The President and Congress are working so hard to keep your interest  rate
at 3.4%. Because you know if they're able to accomplish this feat the $1.2 Trillion student loan debt is solved!Everyone can now breath again.

I am not saying that the 3.4% will not help to keep your payments lower. What I'm telling you keeping the rate at 3.4% it is not a solution. It's a short term quick fix that really solves nothing in the over all picture of your  growing debt. Yes I said growing because of the accrued interest if you look closely at your statement  many of you are paying more in interest  than principle each month.
Can't find a job and have to put your loan in forbearance more interest and fees. Oh did I forget to mention default.......................and no jobs!

What I am trying to tell you we need solutions. This is the reason I started this blog.

Education and student loans are big business. I want you know there are still educators and colleges that are still doing their very best to put the student before profits, but that is becoming more
the exception than the rule.

What I would ask of each of you when someone is claiming to have your best interest first check
their motives. The reason I ask because no matter how good of person they may be, that getting elected in today's world  the last election almost $7 Billion was spent.
There are favors owed by all 535+1!

I want you to know I have only one agenda!
.......................... And that is to solve with your help the student loan debt from the very root of the problem. This is the only way education and student loans will become affordable to everyone.

Everyone should have the opportunity to live the American Dream!

Monday, July 1, 2013

First! Can We All Agree The Student Loan System is Broke?

I can't get the Student Loan Debt Crisis off my Mind! It's 3:15, and I have tossed and turned until I finally just got up!

I know the Student Loan Crisis is "Real" my reasoning is simple, if there were no problems
The Debt would not have gone from $1.1 Trillion and to $1.2 Trillion and this debt is growing at an even faster pace than before!

I know there are solutions!

The problem with the solutions........... the Money Train would have Stop!

Our elected politician's that now need at the very minimum of $1.5 million! There is story after story
that show us the politician's that spend the most are the ones that continue to get elected?
This coming elections the total will be in the $Billions, between the President and for the most part the Same Congress being re-elected?

                  Why should the election cost this much money to elect 535 plus 1 ?

CycleTotal Cost of ElectionCongressional RacesPresidential Race
                                                    The source Open Secrets

                      I know this would never happen, but What a Dream 1 vote $1
                                No election could ever be bought again!

My first question is why do we the American people allow this to continue? America is broke!
Our Congress reminds me of my children when they were young, and wanting something we couldn't afford telling me daddy just write a check!

I ask you to look around the world at countries like Greece, France, Italy, Spain just to mention a few! The  austerity measures that have been put into place and what these measure have done to the middle class and poor.

America  our own austerity is coming......... is this what we really want?

We're having a small taste with the sequester that the President and Congress have put into place! I need someone to tell me why these cuts didn't start with the salaries of the President and Congress?

Our biggest problem in this country and left in place will destroy this Great Country

Lobbyist and Special Interest groups! Can someone tell me why most are non-profits?

There are sensible common sense solution to the Student Loan Debt !
But in order  to work we must get rid of the Money Train!

Until we hold those responsible......... There will be no Solutions!