Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why is this so complicated? It's time to change the Motive!

I know it take money to run a business.
The bigger question why has our children's education and student loans become Big Business?

We listen to all the experts. Without this program added or that program added our children will always be behind the rest of the world in education!

We ranked: A 2009 study found that U.S. students ranked 25th among 34 countries in math and science, behind nations like China, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Finland.  in the world of education?  from Huff Post

So I suggest we start with the Motive; just as our Politicians, the Banks, Lobbyist, Special Interest start their campaign, their quest to improve education, fund student loans, etc........

Motive this is a strange word,
because a motive can start out good and  quickly can become be very bad.

I believe  if you look closely at the failure of a Project
90 percent of the time
it's because too much money(over priced) is trying to be made, or too much of the profits are taken out the service or product.

Sound familiar!

I say the answer is sustainability :

Motive this time : The success of education and the solution to student loan debt in America

Harvard does educatelarge portion of the experts for our Great Country's Government!
Harvard also has the largest University endowment fund in the world estimate $34 Billion 

Harvard to educate our future leaders and to set-up a new sustainable business model for schools large and small

Harvard University would be the Perfect first Project

IF the Harvard Project fails..... our Country has much deeper concerns than student loans and education!

Please remember this time our tax dollars will have a real purpose and a return on the investment!
Our tax dollars will no longer continue to go down that large hole with no returns!

The initial starting funds come from our tax dollars and donations, endowments, etc.....

No more government paid student loans
Harvard will have a scholarship system only (they are about 60% now!)
The Harvard Non-Profit Bank will finance all student loans with a very 3% low fixed interest
The 3% fixed interest should work because no longer going through 1/2 dozen hands with profits taken  by each, no large salaries, and bonus to be taken!   no huge profits!!!!!!
(We need to remember the government made a estimated $50 Billion in 2012 on student loans
  Harvard bank the profits goes back into education to fund future student loans, etc..)

Harvard will have a vested interest in the success or failure of all students

Big business, Lobbyist, Special Interest are running our Great Country into Bankruptcy!
This next election $Billons will be spent on the re-elections and a new President!

$1.1 Trillion in Student Loans and growing faster every day!!!!!!

I remember hearing  It's time for a Real Change!

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