Friday, June 28, 2013


I when back early this morning an I read some of my older post, and it may come across like I am trying to put the total blame on one person,,,,,, (The President) or a group of people....... (Congress) this is not the intent of the Blog.

The reason for this blog is to bring Awareness that our Great Country has a Crisis that if it is not solved
..............the student loan debt crisis will destroy all that is good about America!

We have been told from an early age that if we go to college, and study hard we can be that Doctor that is going to find the cure to CANCER or AIDS!

The Lawyer that is going to return America to a fair and just Country where we know the difference between right and wrong, and we each are held accountable when we try to take advantage of those less fortunate!

The Social Worker that is going to have an impact on our youth that see no future and feels their only choice is the turn to drugs and crime!

To our youth that is going to become a young adult while attending the Community, State, University......

I want you to know Today your is still Possible!......   Tomorrow not so sure?

The future of our education system and the ability to attend College is another story!

There are still educators, but that number is growing smaller every day that still put our children first!

Education today is big business and it has taken just a few to corrupt the whole system!

These few brought their Snake oil and Their Lobbyist to Washington. They promised Power, Exotic Vacations,Financed their Re-Elections, Jobs that will be waiting for those that pass Their legislation!

We have voted time and time again for the same politicians! We have been divided as a nation
over issues that have been blown out of proportion.

While our Great Country is now broke,Small Business is dying,our Education system is not even in the top 25 in the world, Student Loan Bankruptcy is not available for students that no jobs were or are available,while maximum penalties,interest, and fees have started to destroy our young adults the future leaders of our Great Country!

 If our Great Country can survive what these few have done and continue to do daily!

We all have to do our part.......What I'm trying to say is we're all Responsible!

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