Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mr.President and Congress Is There A Chance You Are Wrong?

    We grow from our mistakes and the first step is to admit you were wrong. Mr. President and Congress, I ask you if there is a chance you're wrong? Do you not think that it it time to help our graduates if mistakes were made?  I am not placing blame completely upon the government because I do realized there are some students who took advantage of the system.

    There is something terribly wrong in this country when we have a $1.2 trillion student loan debt. What compounds this problem is that this debt is growing faster than ever before. Graduates need help to get back on track and into the job market and I have a simple proposal. These are our children and the future of this great nation and their lives depend on such a proposal.

    I propose a one year reinstatement of the legislation that allowed bankruptcies on federal and private student loans. This is not about discharging the whole debt, just a reorganization to help graduates repay their loans in a fair and balanced manner. They know they owe on these loans, but need jobs so they don't start out in the hole.  Let the bankruptcy hearing be shown on C-Span so the American people can watch and understand how these proceeding actually work and how this mess came into being in the first place.

    I am not an economist or a lawyer, but I truly believe that if this crisis continues it will destroy our great nation. So, Congress, I ask you yo give the American people an opportunity to vote on the permanent reinstatement of both federal and privately owned student loans. We can continue to blame one or the other side or we can come together as a nation and show the world that the American Dream has not died.

    I am dyslexic and am trying to work on my writing skills so that I will be able to post on other sights like Policy Mic. Please bear with me through the evolution of my posts as there will be updates once in a while.

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