Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's time to get off your duff!

I am just one man, but I care about the future of our children, our young adults heading off to college.
I care for those that chose trade school, the military.... in other words each and everyone of our children are our future!

I do this from the heart, I have no hidden agenda, I have a very clear agenda...... making sure our youth have every opportunity we as a nation can provide for them.

There are responbilities that each one of us shoulder as Parents, Educators, Politicians, yes our Children too. There should be cost associated with education, but it should be at a minimum.

What I an saying is our children education should come before profits!

I see the hits that my blog is receiving and it's been very positive!

I now need your comments, your suggestions how we can correct this mess!

I would like to you to start joining me to create a web-site.

We need  clear, unbiased information available for our young adults, our parent, anyone that that is trying to give our children their futures back!

.................. from  those that putting profits before our children and their education

I promise you I make mistakes everyday, but I try to take owner-ship of my mistakes and try to grow from them!

I also want to invite those few that don't agree with me! Man-Up tell me why I'm wrong!

I want to thank those that are giving me your support!

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