Friday, June 21, 2013

Investment in Our Graduates and America!

I can't believe; no I take that back! I can believe how gullible the American people have become.

We live on sound bites be it conservative or liberal ideology we never take the time to find the real truth!
The truth would be too much work and the real truth I just won't benefit from the real truth. Now give me half/truth you know that gray area where the Politicians promises the world to everyone!

I will admit for most of my life I liked that world.

We have been programmed to think we deserve anything we want yes I said want!
What I didn't say is what the American people as a Country Need!

What we need - showing respect for one another!
What we need - to have education where the profits for the special interest is removed!
What we need - a fair tax system!
What we need - to take away the tax credits from big business that are paying little or
          no tax sending their profits off shore and our jobs to Mexico,China,Vietnam,etc... !
What we need - help those that can't help themselves,but there has to be accountability
What we need - checks and balances put into place on all social programs! So much Waste!
What we need - low fixed rate for student loans and job placement in the community
when jobs are not available,because of this the graduates monthly payment should be paid!  
What we need - laws with true consequences for white collar crimes!
What we need - Congress to receives benefits only while in office"no more life time benefits"! 
What we need - Congress takes the first pay cut during a Sequester!

Now what we want is to live the American Dream! 

and to have the opportunity to earn it! 

I ask you to add to this list and pass on!

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