Saturday, June 22, 2013

Interest? Who's Best Interest Mr.President and Congress Do You Have Mind?

We are all brought up to believe we need a college degree to be successful. I think you know what I mean? This is what we have been taught to tell our children. Ashley your going be the first family member to graduate from college, and your going to be our first real success!

It starts when the first grade teacher tells Daniel you want to be a Doctor or a Lawyer now you have to study real hard.We want to make sure you can get into the University, because we know they only take the smart ones! Our education system is so smart that they start picking winners and losers the first day of class.
We know this by all the State and Federal tests given by our schools  got to be in the top10%, or the school won't get the funds it needs! Daniel we'll worry about your history lesson later.

Then our educators make sure with test like the SAT? Questions that really have no bearing on what our children have been taught or what should have been taught. Winners and Losers continue right into college!

We have forgotten about the students that freeze when taking a test. The ones that took the test so many time that the answers were finally just given to Alex in order to graduate from high school.The one's that were a little slower you know the losers now have been identified!

I know that this is starting to change, but still very much apart of our government student loans!
Who is at a disadvantaged,  Parents that make too much! You know we're the parents in the middle that if  the car needs a repair, and we can still  might have enough money to pay the mortgage

The ones that our children are going to have to pay back these outrageous loans with so many hidden charges and fees!

Some of our children it will take a lifetime to pay back!

Realtors,Builders,Auto Dealers etc......this is your livelihood being taking away too..........................

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