Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Beleive in a Capitalist Economy & Our Graduates Deserve Their Opportunity Now !

I want everyone to understand I believe we are responsible for our individual debts.

What I don't believe in is the way education has been made into a trillion dollar business on the backs of our youth!
There is  right and wrong and real justice, and it's time we as a nation stood up for our own future

We don't have to live in the gray area of the financial institutions that  gambled with America's future. In the process we Americans lost our jobs, too many our homes, our retirement savings that we had entrusted Wall Street to protect. This was still not enough hurt; so the Too Big to Fail Banks get bailed out by us the tax payer. Now that's not even enough since these same institutions now want to destroy our children's futures.

The Non-Profit Bank I am proposing our children will not have to deal with this greed any longer.

Our students can focus on an education and not worry about $400 to $1500 student loan payments for the next 20 years! They will still be responsible for a fair loan that is manageable

Our graduates will be given the opportunity to build our nation and to pursue their dreams once again.

I am not proposing a bail out of Student Loans,but I am going to with your help demand that President Obama and our Congress pass legislation to have all excessive fees removed from all student loans.
At which point they can be turned over to the non-profit bank.

I do believe that student loan bankruptcy legislation should be passed and used in a fair and unbiased way. Our Congress need to be held accountable to pass this legislation and President Obama
should sign this into law.

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