Thursday, June 20, 2013

Endownment Rich Universities and a New Business Model for Education

Harvard is our Country's Oldest and Richest Endowment University. The most respected University in the World.

The first part is true the largest endowment in the world! Most estimates about $32 Billion!
The second part; Harvard the most respected a number of opinions will be debated on that claim.

Our Great Country has a Student Loan Debt which is now $1.1 Trillion and it is growing faster every day.

Before I start this by any stretch of  the imagination I am not an economist!

That might be a good,because I have real view of every day life and how the banking system
treats the average man! 

I am a concerned father of two wonderful grown children, and I have a beautiful wife that has always been by my side.We have had our share of ups and downs, but we are a family that has worked hard, and raised our children to respect the value of work. We have a small house and 2 used cars we own along with the bank.

I have watched this student loan crisis for over 3 years now. It makes no sense the riches country in the world is broke?. We the American people have allowed the corruption that goes on in Washington to slowly take away our middle class and our children's chance to have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream!.............. How is this possible?

I believe with all heart that we should help those that can't help themselves. There should be responsibilities attached with that help. We should offer a hand up not a hand out!

I have said in post after post until the huge corrupt profits, along with no real checks and balance at any level the schools high tuition's..the lenders that are not held accountable by student loan consumer protection laws....these are the same consumer protection laws that you and I are protected by......while. our children consumer protection have been take away from student loans...I believe now that until student loan consumer protection right laws are reinstated there will be no real long term solutions to the out of control student loan debt.

Harvard should set the example for the education in America

I have talked about a true non-profit lender where it is self sustained and the profits are put back in
to the system.

 Harvard should finance their own student loans at a 5% fixed rate from the $32 Billion endowment
    The estimated $32 Billion puts them in top 5 companies in America   "Harvard non-profit Bank"

 Harvard educates the leading economist in the world!! This is correct.... hum.....?

Harvard endowment  lose around $8 Billion in 2008 during the down turn in the economy!

If Harvard becomes self -sustaining
Wall Street will never have the opportunity of risking such a lose for Harvard ever again!


able to provide for your own needs without help from others; "a self-sufficing economic unit" [syn: self-sufficient]

Harvard  should refused to take financial funds from our government.
Harvard should offer their own scholarships instead of government assistance $34 Billion!! 

Student Loan cost should go down, because Harvard will be responsible for their own future!

Harvard if you are the leader in education you claim to be.....Here's your Challenge!

Our Government needs to get out the student loan business! over $50 Billion in profits and they tell us they put right back into the Pell Grants, subsidized loans etc....The Black Hole!!!

There should be legislation put into place that our bank system to continue to operate in the USA will be mandated to offer  5% fixed rate simple interest loans for education!.

Our children are not asking for a hand out, but America is responsible to give our Greatest Gift a hand up!

Are we going to let the banking system destroy our future as the greatest country in the world?

Our children are our future ! Our Greatest Gift..............................

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