Sunday, June 16, 2013

Education is it all about Marketing?

I started this blog to help find solutions and bring awareness to the $1.1 Trillion student loan debt crisis.

My original thoughts were if we gave solutions, and we may be able to help find alternatives to each of the problems facing those with student loan debt, we were achieving the goal for this site. I also wanted to bring awareness to help the future student learn from these past mistakes.

I thought that those in charge would listen.

What I have found is much different


 noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers. In advanced industrial economies, marketing considerations play a major role in determining corporate policy. Once primarily concerned with increasing sales through advertising and other promotional techniques, corporate marketing departments now focus on credit policies (see credit), product development, customer support, distribution, and corporate communications. Marketers may look for outlets through which to sell the company's products, including retail stores, direct-mail marketing, and wholesaling. They may make psychological and demographic studies of a potential market, experiment with various marketing strategies, and conduct informal interviews with target audiences. Marketing is used both to increase sales of an existing product and to introduce new products. See also merchandising.
I believe that marketing has taken over our everyday lives. The problem with marketing is that it's more about selling the product or service than it is about the individual, and most of the time being very far from the truth! aka for-profit colleges and now more and more of our universities

Our children are by far the most important individuals in America! They hold our future, the security of our nation, and most importantly the future of our economy, and America as the leader of the free world the world wide economy.

Anybody remember the English Pound?

The Lobbyist and  Special Interest now run our Country! Why?

The bigger issue why are our leaders lying to the American people?

We ranked: A 2009 study found that U.S. students ranked 25th among 34 countries in math and science, behind nations like China, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Finland.  in the world of education?  from Huff Post

How is this possible?

I am not a socialist!..... I believe we should earn our own way in this life and care for our fellow man!
I used to believe in the two party system! I now consider myself  independent thinker.
I believe in our free economy when it's not rigged with pre-chosen winner's and loser's!

I thought it was time I cleared up what I have been saying

I believe until the Profits are taken out of  student loans and education as a whole, there will be
no long term solutions.

We should be starting with our Country's public elementary and secondary education which is the root of the problem!

Our President and Congress have made a clear choice for our Country!

Instead of fixing what is broken.

Our President and Congress will buy short term so-called solutions from special interest?

I know that technology is growing quickly!

Why not use it for the good of our Country?

A start to the solution: "Pilot Program"

1) Respect between teachers and students!  Respect it's a two way street!
2) Video cameras through out the school (instead Video of profits running red lights and speeders!)
3) The Video cameras don't lie! "True Accountability "
4) The good teachers then will have proof of their daily results and a chance to build a real résumés!
5) Consequences for the so-called teacher that hide behind the unions!
6) Our  inter-city schools are completely out of control !
7) More money is not the answer it will only go to more Lobbyist and special interest!
8) In fact!  this Pilot Program will actually give you a return for your investment!
9) Goes to #1 show a child respect and understanding he will turn into sponge
10) We need to not just Hear Them! 
11) We need  to Learn to "Listen to them" you'll be surprised what our children will teach us!
12) No child wants to fail! 
13)  We are the ones that have taught our own children how to fail!

I ask you to look at all the programs "no child left behind" etc... all these programs that did nothing for the children, but have made huge profits for a select few! Why?

Please think about all the time that has been wasted taking all of these worthless tests!

The teachers could now actually spend their time interacting with " their"  students! Why Not?

Now imagine........  we put our Country's greatest treasure "our children" before profits!

Again! .......Why?.............. Profits! 

I have no "Hidden Agenda"!

I have a very "Clear Agenda"!

I want our children's education to come before any profit! There are solutions!

Mr. President and Congress are you listening now?

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