Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's time to get off your duff!

I am just one man, but I care about the future of our children, our young adults heading off to college.
I care for those that chose trade school, the military.... in other words each and everyone of our children are our future!

I do this from the heart, I have no hidden agenda, I have a very clear agenda...... making sure our youth have every opportunity we as a nation can provide for them.

There are responbilities that each one of us shoulder as Parents, Educators, Politicians, yes our Children too. There should be cost associated with education, but it should be at a minimum.

What I an saying is our children education should come before profits!

I see the hits that my blog is receiving and it's been very positive!

I now need your comments, your suggestions how we can correct this mess!

I would like to you to start joining me to create a web-site.

We need  clear, unbiased information available for our young adults, our parent, anyone that that is trying to give our children their futures back!

.................. from  those that putting profits before our children and their education

I promise you I make mistakes everyday, but I try to take owner-ship of my mistakes and try to grow from them!

I also want to invite those few that don't agree with me! Man-Up tell me why I'm wrong!

I want to thank those that are giving me your support!

Friday, June 28, 2013


I when back early this morning an I read some of my older post, and it may come across like I am trying to put the total blame on one person,,,,,, (The President) or a group of people....... (Congress) this is not the intent of the Blog.

The reason for this blog is to bring Awareness that our Great Country has a Crisis that if it is not solved
..............the student loan debt crisis will destroy all that is good about America!

We have been told from an early age that if we go to college, and study hard we can be that Doctor that is going to find the cure to CANCER or AIDS!

The Lawyer that is going to return America to a fair and just Country where we know the difference between right and wrong, and we each are held accountable when we try to take advantage of those less fortunate!

The Social Worker that is going to have an impact on our youth that see no future and feels their only choice is the turn to drugs and crime!

To our youth that is going to become a young adult while attending the Community, State, University......

I want you to know Today your is still Possible!......   Tomorrow not so sure?

The future of our education system and the ability to attend College is another story!

There are still educators, but that number is growing smaller every day that still put our children first!

Education today is big business and it has taken just a few to corrupt the whole system!

These few brought their Snake oil and Their Lobbyist to Washington. They promised Power, Exotic Vacations,Financed their Re-Elections, Jobs that will be waiting for those that pass Their legislation!

We have voted time and time again for the same politicians! We have been divided as a nation
over issues that have been blown out of proportion.

While our Great Country is now broke,Small Business is dying,our Education system is not even in the top 25 in the world, Student Loan Bankruptcy is not available for students that no jobs were or are available,while maximum penalties,interest, and fees have started to destroy our young adults the future leaders of our Great Country!

 If our Great Country can survive what these few have done and continue to do daily!

We all have to do our part.......What I'm trying to say is we're all Responsible!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Failure Because of Trust?

Failure is a strange word; every one seems to have their own definition of Failure


feyl-yer]  Show IPA

an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success: His effort ended in failure.  The campaign was a failure.
nonperformance of something due, required, or expected: a failure to do what one has promised; a failure to appear.
a subnormal quantity or quality; an insufficiency: the failure of crops.
deterioration or decay, especially of vigor, strength, etc.: The failure of her health made  retirement necessary.
a condition of being bankrupt by reason of insolvency

The #5 Bankrupt looks like what the Banks and Congress has taken away from our graduates allowing their debt just to compound with more and more maximum penalties and fees! There are fewer and fewer jobs that have been available for a larger and larger portion of our graduates!
I do believe our students are responsible for their loans, but when maximum penalties and fees added
when jobs are not available. There has got to be alternatives! Bankruptcy should never have been taken away!

Trust another strange word; has your definition of trust changed?



truhst  Show IPA
Reliance on the integrity, Strength, Ability, Surety, etc., of a Person or thing; confidence.confident  expectation of something; hope.
Confidence in the certainty of future payment for property or goods received a; credit: to sell merchandise on trust.
a Person on whom or thing on Which one Relies : God is my Trust.
the condition of one to whom something has been Entrusted.

We are brought up to Trust our parents, our grandparents, our relatives, our pastor,
our teachers, and our politicians. We are told not to trust strangers.

The problem instilling our children with this Trust, we are not all trust worthy!
There always seems to be the hidden agenda that start to creep in!

It can be a parent that drinks too much, a grandparent that has the wondering eye,
a teacher that the union has convinced they are more important than the children they teach, the politician that now takes a minimum and I repeat a minimum $1.5 Million to get elected to Congress, the pastor that needs a mega church, private airplane, the expensive suits.

Our biggest problem as a Country the profits have become more important than
 our Children.........Everything as become about Me and The Profits!

When did you hear last? 
Don't you know who I am! I will have your............#@*!

The $1.2 Trillion Student loan debt was caused by each of us because of the trust
Our children; the young adults they have become.... have had in their Parents...the Teachers...the Universities...the Banks.. our Congress, and our President!

We are taught from a very early age that college is the key to success in America!

We Now as a Nation have  taught A large number of our graduate's failure.

The same Graduates  that we have told to pursue your dreams and you can change the World!

Yes there is always sacrifice to truly be successful...earn your strips is what my dad use to say !  I wish I had of listen and understood this sooner..........
Our colleges and Universities seem to have forgotten our children will become young adults while there. They are still finding their way. It's more important now, more than ever before  that Their Loans  are explained yearly in full detail. Billy right now your monthly payment will be $600.Yes the students are responsible, but they should know each year how much more their education is going to cost them monthly and how many years they are going to be in debt!

A college education has become a big business! It is now the time to teach our children the young adults they have become..... about Debt and how to manage their future!

This has become like going to Auto Dealer and told you're Approved! They forgot to tell our graduates they won't have the money for the movies, or that burger, the electric bill? 
Billy  you have good enough credit for the car ! you know Billy you do(deserve it?)!!!

We need jobs for our graduates. It would be Great if they could pursue a career
in the Profession they have Earned their Degree?  
If I'm missing something here ....Please correct me !

We are giving our tax credits to companies that are making huge profits, then sending their profits offshore, and our jobs to China, Mexico, Vietnam, etc...??

Our Small Business needs these Tax Credits to be used for the rebuilding of America and the future success of our graduates and our Great Nation!

I have proposed   "Trickle from the Middle Up and Down Theory"

We Invest in our small business and our graduates!

The Project is based loosely on the Opportunity Maine Tax Credit and
The $5250 Tuition Reimbursement program being used now to send employees back
to school with the employer receiving a tax credit to pay for this training.

This gives small business and our graduates a chance to grow together! A chance to learn the ins and outs of a small business  that our graduates are going to help to build and chance to be apart of real success!

To help keep our graduates from ......flipping burgers, ......The bartender at Chili's.......why is this?

To use their degrees..  the knowledge gained... what they have spent the last 4 years if not longer  to be part of a small business success, and the ability to pursue their own dreams after graduation!

We give tax credits to our graduates at tax time, the problem is the credits are needed during the year to create the new jobs and to give our small business a level playing field...........Once again!

Tax credit that create jobs and keep our tax dollars in America instead of some offshore account.

This project could turn this crisis into the start of a re-birth of small business
and be the first step to a Real stimulus program.... 

Where  this time we....... Reward Success!  ............. Not Failure!!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mr.President and Congress Is There A Chance You Are Wrong?

    We grow from our mistakes and the first step is to admit you were wrong. Mr. President and Congress, I ask you if there is a chance you're wrong? Do you not think that it it time to help our graduates if mistakes were made?  I am not placing blame completely upon the government because I do realized there are some students who took advantage of the system.

    There is something terribly wrong in this country when we have a $1.2 trillion student loan debt. What compounds this problem is that this debt is growing faster than ever before. Graduates need help to get back on track and into the job market and I have a simple proposal. These are our children and the future of this great nation and their lives depend on such a proposal.

    I propose a one year reinstatement of the legislation that allowed bankruptcies on federal and private student loans. This is not about discharging the whole debt, just a reorganization to help graduates repay their loans in a fair and balanced manner. They know they owe on these loans, but need jobs so they don't start out in the hole.  Let the bankruptcy hearing be shown on C-Span so the American people can watch and understand how these proceeding actually work and how this mess came into being in the first place.

    I am not an economist or a lawyer, but I truly believe that if this crisis continues it will destroy our great nation. So, Congress, I ask you yo give the American people an opportunity to vote on the permanent reinstatement of both federal and privately owned student loans. We can continue to blame one or the other side or we can come together as a nation and show the world that the American Dream has not died.

    I am dyslexic and am trying to work on my writing skills so that I will be able to post on other sights like Policy Mic. Please bear with me through the evolution of my posts as there will be updates once in a while.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Student Loans and Maximum Profits?

The # 1 purpose of a bank is to make a maximum profit off every loan.

 Did you ever wonder what happen to our Great Country's usury laws?
I define usury as the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans which also includes much more than just the interest rate, it also includes how the loan is calculated to insure the maximum penalties,interest and fees! Once your behind  the loan just continues to compound the loan amount which continues higher and higher...... with no chance to ever pay off even the interest  now! In debt for life


  [yoo-zhuh-ree]  Show IPA
noun, plural u·su·ries.
the lending or practice of lending money at an exorbitant interest.
an exorbitant amount or rate of interest, especially in excess of the legal rate.
Obsolete . interest paid for the use of money.
1275–1325; Middle English usurie  < Medieval Latin ūsūria  (compare Latin ūsūra ), equivalent to Latin ūs (us ) (see use) + -ūr ( a ) -ure + -ia -y3

President Obama and our Congress want us to believe it's all about the interest rate and while that is very important equally important is how the loans are calculated.

Sounds great! Simple interest with accrued interest.
It's calculating the interest every day, there is no grace period on student loans??Student loans are set up for maximum penalties and fees?

Our mortgages have a grace period most due on the 1st but no late fees till  after the 15th!

Banks are in business to make a profit, and yes I understand that, but not on the backs of our children
the future leaders of our Great Country.

These type loans were not challenge, because there was no competition! The banks had a monopoly!
The banks created a Profit Center with Maximum Profit and even had the bankruptcy laws changed so student loans can not be discharge the debt except under extreme circumstances?

Do not forget this took our Congress Votes  to give the banks this kind of Power!

This is starting to change with social financing created by Alumni helping finance
their Alumni future. SoFi is adding more Universities to their Alumni list daily! There are other social programs available. I would suggest you look here first for future loans or re-financing your present student loans
Our own government made an estimated $50 Billion in 2012 with profits going back into the broken system!

I have Proposed Harvard to set up their own "Harvard nonprofit Bank" to  offer a low fixed interest loans  to their students .I believe the loan could as be as low 3% ?

Harvard has the largest endowment fund estimated at $30 Billion in the world!   Harvard provides 60% of their University's Scholarships now! The Bank would help to make Harvard accountable for their students and well as their own future.It's possible that part of endowment funds would be saver here.There was  a reported 27.3% or $11 Billion loss during the down turn in the economy .
Source Boston Globe/  September 10,2009

I believe this would help to lower the cost of tuition!

I Propose this type of new business model that would put education and student loans first, before
the profits!

I will say again until the profits are taken out of education and student loans there will be no solution!

Little food for thought who wrote our Great Country's laws?

The bankers, lawyers, and the elite! (Old Rich white guys!)

Ever wonder why?

Our laws never written in black and white always left in that gray area?
Does anybody understand our tax laws and why we should need a tax professional?
Tax credits "Given" to Big Business making huge profits and sending these huge profits off shore?

                             "Trickle from the Middle Up and Down Theory"

Why not allow small Business the tax credits to hire graduates and help pay back student loans?.............. Putting our tax dollars back into Our Own Economy?

How do you defeat your enemy

conquer and divide

Republican and Democrats?

I love this Great Country !

We have been told all of our life's work and study hard and you can live

The American Dream!