Sunday, May 5, 2013

Graduates What are your Expectations?

I think we all know  that with the Student Loan Debt Crisis $1.1 Trillion and it's growing larger everyday!

Graduates I ask you, what are the changes that need to be made in order to be able to afford a college degree today?

The system is corrupt from top to bottom. I do not want to say that there are not those that are working hard to correct it, but the bottom line the system so broke!

I have giving you some ideas that I think would be a good start.

I have been told time after time that tax credits would be the wrong approach?

My question to those that are in that camp. Why do we continue to give tax credits to the Too Big to Fail? GE,GM, etc........ that take their profits and move the money offshore and sent our jobs to Mexico , China, Vietnam? How are these tax credit helping our  Country and more important our economy?

We need solutions , not next year, not next election, but right now!

I ask you  would you buy a house without knowing your monthly payment? I didn't think so!

Our graduates are ! How do start your career making $25,000 and paying $400 a month in student loans for the next 20 years? That $400 that should be start to buying that first home!

Not forced to live with Mom & Dad!

Remember what were we always told...... go to college to become successful?

Kind of hard starting your life in  this kind of debt! Don't you think

We need conversation! We need debate! We need change!

There is not a wrong idea except no idea at all to finding the solutions needed to correct this huge debt!

I need your help! My question to you how do we fix this broken system?


  1. Before a student accepts a loan they should be given the monthly payment expectation once they graduate ! Also I think college students are very jaded about what they will be earning post graduation . Very few graduate and make $50,000 a year off the bat.... Why is their projected income based on their chosen career path never discussed ? Part of the college experience is to help you prepare for "the real world " .... Time management , deadlines, ect .... Yet we are starting to notice some key componates missing

  2. Dawn I thank you for every word. May I ask what is your daughter field of study and has she graduated?

  3. Dawn. I kept going over your comments last and the class you were required to take as an undecided major? May I ask what College you attended? It sounds like the type of class that should be required the first semester for all freshmen. Does an 18 year old have any idea what life is like in the real world? This type of class could be a wake up call at least for some freshmen! Classes like this should be taught in high school as well.

    I am looking for a kind of road map for freshmen. Your family can tell it from two different perspectives yours and then your daughter. Do you think she would she tell her experiences as well?

    One of my goals is to put together 5 maybe 6 different college experiences.

    Would you have any interest in being apart of this project?

    I feel our Politicians have too much to lose if they come with real solutions

    Thank you again for your comments if we don't try to solve this mess it's only going to get worse!


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