Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Need Facts and Proof Will you Help?

I just reviewed a post I wrote November 25,2011 at that time the Student Loan Debt was $850 Billion and as we sadly know it is now well over $1 Trillion and continues to grow larger every day!

Our Presidents, both, Bush and now Obama  talked about how they were going to take care of this out of control student loan debt. I am really trying hard to find something positive that either President did with the best interest of the our students in mind.If you know of a law that either passed that did not benefit the lobbyist first and the banks and student loan financial groups they represent please let me know.

 The Congressional Budget Office in February estimated that the Department of Education will make $35.5 billion in profit in 2013 from student loan programs. But that number was just revised this month to $50.6 billion in profits—a 43 percent increase for the year.

I ask you with these kind of profits how long do you think it would take using  my solution

 I want to make sure I'm very clear on this!

I believe A True "Non-Profit" would not have $Million Dollar salaries or bonuses! A non-profit that any profit left over will go back to the students principal on their loans . More studies would be needed, but say a 2%-3% Fixed rate, no accrued interest while in school, and repayment of loan starts one year after graduation( giving time to find the right job, get an apartment, etc...). Remember this is not a profit center, but the future of our Country

There are so many solutions available .....

This Crisis has been caused by the banks and other student lenders..and their lobbyist!!!!!!!!

Education should not be connected to any profit centers.

The education of our future leaders and our national security depend on a well educated society 

The technology in computers today can service the student loans very inexpensively. I also have great faith that our older experienced  and younger tech savvy generations will step forward and work together to make sure this project succeeds! 

I need your help, We can't forget about our students that are in debt now.

Our President and Congress Bailed out 'The Too Big to Fail Banks"

Did you approve the Bail Out ?

Our President and our Congress can pass legislation to have the excessive fees removed from all of the current student loans.

These loans can then be put into the same non-profit 2%-3% fixed loan on their balance.

If an 58 year old man who is dyslexic and I will tell you again this blog is a labor of love for our youth.
I know that you have to get to the root of the problem if a Real Solution is to be found!

We need to add a Web-Site! apps to help our students,surveys etc....Please comment give our youth your experience

 This Blog I promise you won't go away till solutions are found, and our youth have the opportunity to truly have their chance to live the American Dream.

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  1. Keep posting and linking this site, eventually it will get into the hands of those who will join the movement to make a difference !


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