Friday, May 10, 2013

Sounds like a Broken Record! Follow the Money..........................

I wish a had a magic wand!!!!!!!!!! Dreams can come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!If I only had one Wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that no one truly cares.At least some days that's the way I feel.

I do know there are people that are really trying to correct this giant mess! The problem is there are so few.

A program that makes sense, has value,can make a difference,that can help those that can't help themselves,
can bring the profits back to America,can bring better paying jobs back to middle America,little or no  waste of tax dollars,Checks and Balances,Quarterly reviews

A Program that is Based on Success !

A program like this does not have a chance. You ask why

Just "one" Congressmen  it takes $millions and $millions of dollars to get elected! All our Congressmen in the $Billions!

A Presidential election that the cost is in the $Billions and reports show it could more than double the next election!

535 congressman  verses in 2013 8,823 lobbyist spending so far $.080 Billion in 2013 and $3.30 Billion 2012! (

And we wonder why we are in such a mess!

Even the best Politician can't escape from the down right corruption in Washington!

What I ask of each of you "Keep Believing" this mess can be fixed,but we have to hold the people we elect accountable!

If I did not do my job. I would expect to be fired!
I have a owner along with his sons who works as hard as their employees, and it is an honor and pleasure to go to work everyday, because I know we are working together to achieve success!

I do want to make sure I'm right the President and Congress do work for us?

The way I feel about my job!

Our President and our Congressmen should this not be the greatest honor in the world to be able to work for the American people everyday????

Our children deserve better than this!

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