Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Need Facts and Proof Will you Help?

I just reviewed a post I wrote November 25,2011 at that time the Student Loan Debt was $850 Billion and as we sadly know it is now well over $1 Trillion and continues to grow larger every day!

Our Presidents, both, Bush and now Obama  talked about how they were going to take care of this out of control student loan debt. I am really trying hard to find something positive that either President did with the best interest of the our students in mind.If you know of a law that either passed that did not benefit the lobbyist first and the banks and student loan financial groups they represent please let me know.

 The Congressional Budget Office in February estimated that the Department of Education will make $35.5 billion in profit in 2013 from student loan programs. But that number was just revised this month to $50.6 billion in profits—a 43 percent increase for the year.

I ask you with these kind of profits how long do you think it would take using  my solution

 I want to make sure I'm very clear on this!

I believe A True "Non-Profit" would not have $Million Dollar salaries or bonuses! A non-profit that any profit left over will go back to the students principal on their loans . More studies would be needed, but say a 2%-3% Fixed rate, no accrued interest while in school, and repayment of loan starts one year after graduation( giving time to find the right job, get an apartment, etc...). Remember this is not a profit center, but the future of our Country

There are so many solutions available .....

This Crisis has been caused by the banks and other student lenders..and their lobbyist!!!!!!!!

Education should not be connected to any profit centers.

The education of our future leaders and our national security depend on a well educated society 

The technology in computers today can service the student loans very inexpensively. I also have great faith that our older experienced  and younger tech savvy generations will step forward and work together to make sure this project succeeds! 

I need your help, We can't forget about our students that are in debt now.

Our President and Congress Bailed out 'The Too Big to Fail Banks"

Did you approve the Bail Out ?

Our President and our Congress can pass legislation to have the excessive fees removed from all of the current student loans.

These loans can then be put into the same non-profit 2%-3% fixed loan on their balance.

If an 58 year old man who is dyslexic and I will tell you again this blog is a labor of love for our youth.
I know that you have to get to the root of the problem if a Real Solution is to be found!

We need to add a Web-Site! apps to help our students,surveys etc....Please comment give our youth your experience

 This Blog I promise you won't go away till solutions are found, and our youth have the opportunity to truly have their chance to live the American Dream.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Man of Value

There is more at stake than the $1Trillion Student Loan Debt that continues to grow larger everyday!

I am at fault myself..I talk about a program that is based on success,but it's got to be about much more than just success. It's our children; the young adults they have become.The future leaders of our great country.

Albert Einstein had a noble quote:  "Try not to become a man of success but, a man of value"

Our Country! It seems today is about just a select few and which ones will get the most money no matter what the cost to our Nation! Our laws are no longer about right or wrong and justice for all.! Our laws are written  like the 2,074 pages?  in Obama Care! Something that could have been something very special for our citizens. The legislation is written so no one can truly understand it . The sad fact is no one is supposed to understand the legislation. A teaser provision for student loans was added to the bill; then so much red tape was added that few students will benefit if they even qualify at all ?
I ask you to look closely at this bill again. It seems the lobbyist, hospitals, insurance company,big business,the banks are the one that wrote the legislation for their benefit!

Congress takes $millions & $millions to get elected! I feel our Politicians have too much to lose if they give us real solutions.

Real solutions will cost the banks profits.We have students that started with a original $20,000 student loan that now with interest and penalties is now over $200,000! This is no more than thief  and it's not just the money, but has destroyed the life's of  theses student!

Student loans that cannot declare bankruptcy? No risk here for the banks just an endless supply of money! I did say "No Risk for the banks"! The same banks that were" Too Big to Fail". The same banks the American people "Bailed Out"!

I thought the reason we elected our Politicians was to guide and protect our nation and it's citizens?

Are these the politicians that we the people want to represent our Country ?

I ask you to write our President ,your Congressman and tell them we need solutions

I ask each of us to have the will and the courage to stand up and demand Real Change!


I know each and everyone of us can make a difference .I hope The Extra Degree! will help light that fire

212° The Extra Degree
By: Sam Parker and Mac Anderson

At 211 degrees...water is hot.
At 212 boils.
And with boiling water, comes steam.
And steam can power a locomotive.
And, it's that one extra degree that... Makes all the difference

So many times, in business and in life, it's that one extra degree of effort that separates the good from the great. What I love about the 212° idea is that you can use it to fit your own needs.
 It may be 212° service that you'd like to reinforce, or 212° attitude, leadership, or quality. Or maybe, you'll choose to build your entire culture around the 212° differentiate you from your competition. 
The real beauty of 212° is the simplicity of the idea. Once explained...everybody gets it. And once you get's hard to forget!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ambitious Project turn PTR into a web-site with information on all programs available!

I read an article the other day that says there are over 300 virtually unknown pieces of Federal and State legislation available to help Federal loan borrowers that have been documented! source (Student Loan Relief Inc.)

Why are these programs not readily available for everyone?

 It's time all those programs and others like them are available in one place

 We need a true understanding how we get our youth from high school through college without massive debt!

I know that with the $1 Trillion  Student Loan Debt Crisis that continues to grow larger everyday!
If we don't to get to the root of the problems this corrupt system will never change

I know this is very ambitious project, but with your help I know we can make this happen.

I believe we need a web-site that has every program available to help those with student loan debt and clear information for those wanting to go to college.

We will never lose the blog! My goal with your help is to enhance the information available

My own frustration while I feel I have made awareness of the student loan debt crisis and I continue to work daily to find real solutions to start to repair all that is broken.

I know with your help much more can be done and the blog alone is just not enough!

We need to tell our President and Congress we will  not accept any more short term ban-aides!

We need solutions now!

My goal is to create   FREE WEB-SITE of INFORMATION,with the technology available today
the list of information and apps to help manage our student loan debt can be endless

I am asking for volunteers to help build the Project Tuition Reimbursement Web-Site, suggestions on what content you would like available.Please no idea is too small this site is to be your source of information

My idea is to link Project Tuition Reimbursement and Trickle from the Middle Up and Down Theory sites together
In my opinion small business and graduates working together is going to be a very big part of the solution

         "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world"

If you are having a problem leaving a comment Please feel free to email me

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sounds like a Broken Record! Follow the Money..........................

I wish a had a magic wand!!!!!!!!!! Dreams can come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!If I only had one Wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that no one truly cares.At least some days that's the way I feel.

I do know there are people that are really trying to correct this giant mess! The problem is there are so few.

A program that makes sense, has value,can make a difference,that can help those that can't help themselves,
can bring the profits back to America,can bring better paying jobs back to middle America,little or no  waste of tax dollars,Checks and Balances,Quarterly reviews

A Program that is Based on Success !

A program like this does not have a chance. You ask why

Just "one" Congressmen  it takes $millions and $millions of dollars to get elected! All our Congressmen in the $Billions!

A Presidential election that the cost is in the $Billions and reports show it could more than double the next election!

535 congressman  verses in 2013 8,823 lobbyist spending so far $.080 Billion in 2013 and $3.30 Billion 2012! (

And we wonder why we are in such a mess!

Even the best Politician can't escape from the down right corruption in Washington!

What I ask of each of you "Keep Believing" this mess can be fixed,but we have to hold the people we elect accountable!

If I did not do my job. I would expect to be fired!
I have a owner along with his sons who works as hard as their employees, and it is an honor and pleasure to go to work everyday, because I know we are working together to achieve success!

I do want to make sure I'm right the President and Congress do work for us?

The way I feel about my job!

Our President and our Congressmen should this not be the greatest honor in the world to be able to work for the American people everyday????

Our children deserve better than this!

Please leave your comments! if your having problems e-mail me at

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Graduates What are your Expectations?

I think we all know  that with the Student Loan Debt Crisis $1.1 Trillion and it's growing larger everyday!

Graduates I ask you, what are the changes that need to be made in order to be able to afford a college degree today?

The system is corrupt from top to bottom. I do not want to say that there are not those that are working hard to correct it, but the bottom line the system so broke!

I have giving you some ideas that I think would be a good start.

I have been told time after time that tax credits would be the wrong approach?

My question to those that are in that camp. Why do we continue to give tax credits to the Too Big to Fail? GE,GM, etc........ that take their profits and move the money offshore and sent our jobs to Mexico , China, Vietnam? How are these tax credit helping our  Country and more important our economy?

We need solutions , not next year, not next election, but right now!

I ask you  would you buy a house without knowing your monthly payment? I didn't think so!

Our graduates are ! How do start your career making $25,000 and paying $400 a month in student loans for the next 20 years? That $400 that should be start to buying that first home!

Not forced to live with Mom & Dad!

Remember what were we always told...... go to college to become successful?

Kind of hard starting your life in  this kind of debt! Don't you think

We need conversation! We need debate! We need change!

There is not a wrong idea except no idea at all to finding the solutions needed to correct this huge debt!

I need your help! My question to you how do we fix this broken system?