Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do We Need Our Own Think Tank to Make Real Change?


think tank

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)
Institute, corporation, or group organized for interdisciplinary research, usually conducted for governmental and commercial clients. Projects for government clients often involve social policy planning and national defense. Commercial projects include developing and testing new technologies and new products. Funding sources include endowments, contracts, private donations, and sales of reports. See also RAND Corp.

If  your not aware our politicians and our corporations that either sponsor or give huge donations use "Think tanks" to show that their experts have proven that this or that policy is the best choice to become our nations laws.The system is rigged in my humble opinion.

I know the concern that we as a nation have about the $1.1 Trillion Student Loan Crisis that continues to grow larger everyday! growing and growing................

Some of us like me have created blogs to help bring awareness first, and then hopefully solutions to help fix this crisis.

This crisis is not going to just go away! We can't just bury our heads in the sand and hope the crisis goes away!

Because this Crisis is Real and it will effect each of us in different ways until the debt is solved!

The Truth is! until we the everyday man who are the one that owes this debt, and it is our responsibility to pay this debt back!  We need to find Real Solutions!

Because if real solutions are not found this debt is going to destroy our society form top to bottom
You ask how? If those in the middle can't get jobs and earn a decent living.

What happens you ask?

1) who buys all of the new cars?
2) who buys all the new homes or existing homes for sale?
3) who spends money in the casino's and vacations?
4) who pays for health care?
5) who pays the taxes, and taxes, and even more taxes................

I am sure you can add hundreds more to this list,but I think everyone except maybe our politicians understand what is about to happen if Solutions are not found!

I ask that you Google "Student Loan Debt Crisis"; there are 1000's of articles from all kinds of different perspectives on this subject.

I had mention in an earlier post about the $Billions spent by our politicians to get re-elected
and my suggestion of them matching dollar for dollar to pay down our national debt.

What if they gave us a nickle of every dollar to start and run our own Think-Tank?

I just want you to know I'm not too crazy! I know the the Politician would never part with that nickel!

A Think-Tank with independent thinking tax specialist, independent thinking specialist to write legislation. etc...... This Think Tank has to be  ran by the everyday man and for the people most effected!

I know we always hear "they"......... you know the small group of people that make the decisions that we are all forced to live by .

The Politicians call it spinning the truth!

This is where our Politicians tell us the laws  they pass....It is in our best interest ?

You know all this debt we the everyday man are held accountable for The Student Loan Debt Crisis,Taxes the list just goes on and on......................

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  1. Some of the best ideas always spark from collaboration !


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