Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Legislation Protection is Needed Before First Student Loan can be Signed!

I want you to know this is my passion to help each and every graduate to be able receive the education you desire. You should not have to start your career $26,000 (the average ) or more in debt for 20 years!

I have said from my first post and will I continue to say we have got to get to the root of the problem.
The more I research this $1.1 Trillion Debt that continues "Growing Daily"  the more problems I find.!

Just a  reminder!..... to you and to me the very reason this has become my passion.
When I started this research a little over 3 years ago the student loan debt was about $750 Billion!
I started this blog  March 9,2013 was at $1 Trillion now it's approaching  $1.1 Trillion! I'm not even sure how many zeros the .1 Trillion has added? I Have now added the Student Loan Debt Clock for this reason!

In my opinion the system is set up now for the majority of students to become deep in debt and to start their lives off with the feeling of failure!

My question to you.......... wasn't your college degree suppose to bring success???

How could +President Obama and our Congress allow this mess to happen? Then on top of that doing  nothing to fix the problem! They tell us they are going to keep interest rates low at 3.4% which will help, but that is not a solution!

The latest news they can't even agree on how to keep the rates low so it looks like interest rate will double to 6.8%! Interest rate source USA Today

The first step to start to get your student loans under control.

Mandatory Student Loan Classes!

I did say Classes with an "S" meaning several classes
I have seen where a class is recommended. This is a debt that is going to effect the rest of you life!

I can tell you from experience one class is not going to teach you about the loan process, and what all the consequences these loans can create

President Obama should pass a law today that no student loan can be signed by a student or parent without taking these classes! If signed without class the loan would become null and void!

It will be the College and Banks responsibility to make sure classes are completed!

Do you know?.... Do you understand how much money the banks making daily off your loans?

The student loan debt clock I just added should be a wake up call!

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  1. I wish I would have known exactly how much per month I would be paying prior to taking on these loans ...


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