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It's Time for a Recap! The Purpose and Reasons for Project Tuition Reimbursement

This is my first attempt to find solutions to a Crisis on a blog.

I think most of you know by now I'm dyslexic and this blog is a true labor of love for our children and our grandchildren.

I welcome any suggestions you may have to help me improve my writing and our blog!


This Blog is about Solutions and all your ideas are welcome
I ask you to please comment and tell your friends if you like my ideas
I ask you to please comment if you don't like my ideas and tell me why the ideas will not work
We need conversations good or bad ideas, but we will have to have conversation to bring awareness to the $1.1 Trillion and growing Student Loan Debt Crisis!


Trickle from the Middle Up and Down Theory:

It is in honor of Will Rogers that coined Trickle Down Theory where he used humor to let our politicians know just how out of touch they were in his time just as they are today

My theory can be about more than just one idea.      So feel free to share your ideas

So with that being said;

Project Tuition Reimbursement

This program is based loosely on the Opportunity Maine Tax Credit and the $5250 Tuition Reimbursement program being used now to send employees back to school where the employer pays then receives a Tax Credit.

Now before we go any further and you say I don't believe in Tax Credits!

If you look at the Too Big Too Fail Corporations, Banks, Car Manufactures. They all receive Tax Credits, Tax Incentives, all the loopholes in the tax code their lawyers find.
So much so that GE along with many others pays little or no tax while sending their profits offshore and sending jobs away from America to China, Mexico, India, Vietnam etc.......

My Program

1) Helps pay down student loan debt
2) Helps our small business to be able to compete once again on a level playing field
3) Increases Tax Revenues
4) Keeps Profits in America
5) Creates Jobs and Better Paying Jobs!     (Wal-Mart/McDonalds?)
6) Checks and Balances
7) Quarterly Reviews
8) Little or no waste of our tax dollars
9) A tax credit that  is a  "True Stimulus Program" that  finally rewards success!

In my opinion when a solution is "Too Simple" it seems to be dismissed


Any and all ideas

1) Mandatory Classes on student loans before the first student loan can be signed! 
    This could start as early as freshmen year in high school. I want you to think
    if our children had classes on personal finance/student loans (college/trade school etc.. to know the
    consequences and benefits how much better prepared they would be in todays society.

2) Again mandatory a similar warning to what the credit card statements calls:
    Total Minimum Payment Warning
    Please check one of your credit card statements it shows if you made minimum payment it
    would take 21 years to pay off; where if you paid say $150 would be paid off  in 3 years!

3) We have got to get to the root of the problems to start correcting what is wrong with the current
     Student Loan System if we want to change what this crisis has created!

4) This list has endless possibility! Think how much better we would all be; if we had only been
      taught the difference between something so simple as   "Wants verses Needs"

5) What are your suggestions?

The whole purpose for Project Tuition   


And last I ask you to comment !comment! comment! The first step is conversation / debate if we ever want to fix this out of control Student loan debt crisis!

If your having trouble leaving your comments email me @

"A baby comes into this world with only hope...the only gold we leave this earth with is our word"
Anthony Eller

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