Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm just one Man,but with your Help!

I have reflected over the weekend on this Blog, and what it means to me.

I am dyslexic and  have always felt inferior, till I realized what such a wonderful gift it has given me.

I have held almost all my thoughts an most of my emotions inside. I shared only bits and pieces on Christmas cards,small notes, only very rarely did I ever tried to write a letter even to my wife.

My wife Karen is the love of my life. She has always and I mean always been by my side.

This has been no small feat, because I have been Clean and Sober now for over 11 years.
Karen is beautiful, caring, thoughtful I could go on and on.......
She has been the rock and the glue that as held our family together
She raised without much help from me, our children Ashley and Daniel. I have tried to make up for all the time I wasted, but I'll never be able to get back those years . The time that my wife help mold our children into the productive young adults they have become today.

I have now bared my soul to you my readers.

I wasted so many years!  I have so much to make up for not just to my wonderful family.....

Also to my father Dan who was called the "Little General" as the Chairman of the Republican Party in Buncombe County, North Carolina.

I will tell you my father would not agree with the politics today!

We see no compromise from either side. There are more lobbyist than there are Congressmen?

We elect a good person an they are corrupted by the greed and power "WE" have given them.

President Obama was elected on change? If you look closely the same small group that are his advisers; are same advisers that were there for Clinton and Bush??  

Do we the people have more than a hand full of Senators that their only goal is to make this a better Country?

I promise you that this will be my one post that gives you the back ground of why we need almost
a clean swipe of Congress.

There is so much corruption; that if  Health Care, Social Security & Retirement Benefits... if they are close to home with you right now and are affecting you and your family, then we need to learn the in and outs of each issue and come together.

I have chosen the Student Loan Debt Crisis Now $1 Trillion and  growing and growing......
Three years ago it was about $750 Billion!

We have got to hold our "Elected" Congressman Accountable!

President Obama who in my opinion has done nothing, but work for the Health Industries,The "Too Big to Fail Banks", and our "Too Big to Fail Corporations" etc.....

Please go to PBS and watch or listen to, Unfit for Work, how Clinton changed our Welfare families to
teaching them how to live off Disability benefits; over $260 Billion!
I agree this program is needed, but there has got to be checks and balances! So Much waste!

Go to Time read the article by  author Steve Brill: The Bitter Pill and find out what our hospitals call the Charge Master. You will be amazed! How is this allowed to happen in our country today?

I promise anybody that takes the time to read or watch the two above.I feel you will find you passion too!

Just an idea what if  for every dollar our "ELECTED" Politicians  Spent on RE-ELECTION. They had to match dollar for dollar to bring down our debt! They only have benefits while serving, they would then have to get a REAL Job an contribute to society as a whole?

How many Congressmen would run for re-election if they received no lifetime benefits, and even when they are corrupt can continue to receive these benefits? 

This while we are having Sequester cuts for our working men and women of this country?

I will return to our Student Loan Debt Crisis tomorrow!

Your assignment if you choose to help with change.

Call you Senators  My reply from Louisiana +Vitter and +Landrieu two that seldom agree on anything we voted to keep the student loan interest rates low.  Oh we share your concern. Nothing else!
The latest news is saying that our Congress can't even agree on this now.  So it  looks like the student loan interest rates will be going up!

Please!  comment on my blog what your Senator's solutions are  I will post each response

We shame them enough, they will have to do something or we elect someone that has solutions!

I ask that you overlook my mistakes in writing my Blog. I will get better!

I will promise you in return  that I will continue to give you  the most Accurate, up-to date, Honest, information available on The Student Loan Debt Crisis.

If you have an idea and solution Please! share because there are no wrong answers

I go to bed with the word "growing" on my mind,

because It's not just over $1 Trillion dollars  it will continue growing and growing......... till we find a solutions!

This debt did not happen over night and it is going to take a multitude of solutions!

I have one solution that could help both Small Business and our Graduates and help our middle class start to grow again! I know it has great potential now just needs to be refined   

Will  any of our Grandchildren be able to afford college if it stays on this course?

The only agenda I have is to help find solutions


  1. I am 30 yrs old and I will probably have to be paying back my college loans for the next 10 to 15yrs. I owe more in college loans than what I make in a year at my job. I honestly believe that colleges are a selling organization to make money. There are so many comments I agree with you on but how do we change it? Will we even be heard? The American Society has forgotten what it means to work as a team. More money, more money, more money seems to be our motto now.

  2. Miranda, I hope to have more solutions for you soon. I can tell you one you can work on right now.If you look at your student loan statements I think you will see your paying more in interest than principal.
    A start to paying down your debt take your smallest loan and add $25 a month if it's in your budget if not start with $10. If you payoff the smallest loan off then move to the next loan


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