Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Opportunity Maine Legislation; why not on the Federal Level Too?

The Most Comprehensive College Tax Credits in Nation Become Maine Law July 2,2007
Headlines from The Maine Democrat.

Maine realized the student loan debt crisis had gotten out of hand and has used this program to help the graduates,employers and the state.Rhode Island  followed their lead and more states are working on a similar Tax Credit for both employer and graduate.

We all have to realize this is a Crisis and extraordinary measures will need to be taken!

Andy Bossie has a quote on his office door:
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world"

Andy he owed $27,000 and a majority of fellow students were not able to use program for themselves.
Volunteers had over 70,000 conversations! With over 500 volunteers they collected over 73,000 signatures!

This started by kids ( I mean in the most respectfully way) just out college !
While our President and Congress only talk about  keeping low interest rates and now they can't even agree on that!

Still No solutions!

Just Student Loan Debit Crisis spread over 20 years and lower interest rates?
Kick this debt down the road just like our National Debt?

We need Solutions!

We now need to start these same conversations with our fellow citizens, Congress, and President Obama!

We should be ashamed of ourselves and our elected officials.To let a small group of college graduates find  these answers for their business, graduates, and  The State of Maine

This debt can become manageable again. We just need to move into the twenty first century

Colleges have started college degree programs on-line already Now just need to keep affordable
Maybe it's time to look at a Degree in 3 or even 2 years going straight though instead of 4 years
or longer. etc..............


  1. hello Tony, keep up the good work...

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  3. I think that this idea will help a lot of young, inspired students get into smaller companies where their creativity, innovativeness and energy will not be squashed.


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