Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2 for 1 benefit! Paying off College Loans and Giving Small Business a level playing field!

I think we have forgotten what Small Business means to our Great Country.

We have Corporations like GE that pays no tax? loopholes, tax incentives etc...
We have other Major Corporations with the same loopholes,tax incentive that are still taking their money out of Our Country,shipping jobs over seas........

While our Small Businesses are left to make it on their own!

We have all  been told only the strong survive! We're all told you know...   the free market..... !!
 While our President and Congress bails out.... Our Too Big To Fail auto makers, banks, etc......

Small Business continues to Creates Jobs!, Small Business are creative, their hungry, innovative,have a true desire to succeed, the list goes on and on......... 

Yet, A simple thing like a tax credit to hire our College Graduates that are all of the above
 Creative, hungry, innovative, a  true desire to learn and grow,a true wiliness to succeed............. 

This to me seems like a                          " True Stimulus Program" 

The big difference is this one reward success not failure! 

When I asked my daughter why she choose a smaller company over a "Big Box Retailer"......
This was her reply

Hey ! 
Reasons of joining a Smaller Company..
1) it is a growing company !
2) have the security of being backed by a corporate / "inc" structure , but have the creative freedom of an independent business... 
3) was personally trained by a home office representative 
4)have actual daily / weekly interaction with owner and district manager .... Both Of which are knowledgeable about current store staff and any possible issues ,
   -Though this have had the ability to bring new systems to the company 
    - have proven my ability to trend forecast for our clientele ... Which has given me a voice when It comes to buying, marketing , and promotions .
    -having a district manager and owner involved and seeing my progress from the start allowed me to get on the fast track .... Multiple promotions in first year .... All perks that "big box" retailers lack .... With these types of companies you are not just a number ... Once you prove your ability you are now an asset, and your input and ideas are always welcome.
Hope this helps !

Forgot the important part ... 
My degree is In fashion merchandising but I graduated from the college of business with a minor in marketing .... So the foundation I gained in school of business prepared me to run and operate a store independently (almost like a satellite store - not having someone check up behind my every move ) I gained knowledge about general business ... Human resources (knowing legalities , ESP in this city is a plus ) as well what foundation it takes to be successful , specifically in retail. How to attract and retain a client base ... And learned everything I know about sales from a business to business marketing class .... All of those lessons i was able to translate into personal my sales method. 
- by learning what it takes to operate your own business from the ground up In school ( creating business plans and marketing plans for my own business in a class ) it was extremely easy to jump into a company that had the foundation provided and thus take it to the next level. 

I am extremely Proud of my daughter Ashley!

There  are 1000's of graduates with the same drive and desire to succeed.

We are all at fault at some level parents, teachers, colleges, society,etc.....

We have allowed tuition to get completely out of hand, taken loans we didn't really understand etc...

Yet we are holding our graduates responsible. Did we forget these graduates were still our children when they when off to college. The same children who trusted their teachers, parents, and colleges to tell them what they needed to make it in this world

We as a society told them they had to go to college if they were going to be successful! Remember?

+President Obama  and Our Congress. This is not a hand out were we only seem to reward failure, but a hand up to put our graduates and small business together and start growing our economy!
    Please remember!
    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world"

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