Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Time for a Recap! The Purpose and Reasons for Project Tuition Reimbursement

This is my first attempt to find solutions to a Crisis on a blog.

I think most of you know by now I'm dyslexic and this blog is a true labor of love for our children and our grandchildren.

I welcome any suggestions you may have to help me improve my writing and our blog!


This Blog is about Solutions and all your ideas are welcome
I ask you to please comment and tell your friends if you like my ideas
I ask you to please comment if you don't like my ideas and tell me why the ideas will not work
We need conversations good or bad ideas, but we will have to have conversation to bring awareness to the $1.1 Trillion and growing Student Loan Debt Crisis!


Trickle from the Middle Up and Down Theory:

It is in honor of Will Rogers that coined Trickle Down Theory where he used humor to let our politicians know just how out of touch they were in his time just as they are today

My theory can be about more than just one idea.      So feel free to share your ideas

So with that being said;

Project Tuition Reimbursement

This program is based loosely on the Opportunity Maine Tax Credit and the $5250 Tuition Reimbursement program being used now to send employees back to school where the employer pays then receives a Tax Credit.

Now before we go any further and you say I don't believe in Tax Credits!

If you look at the Too Big Too Fail Corporations, Banks, Car Manufactures. They all receive Tax Credits, Tax Incentives, all the loopholes in the tax code their lawyers find.
So much so that GE along with many others pays little or no tax while sending their profits offshore and sending jobs away from America to China, Mexico, India, Vietnam etc.......

My Program

1) Helps pay down student loan debt
2) Helps our small business to be able to compete once again on a level playing field
3) Increases Tax Revenues
4) Keeps Profits in America
5) Creates Jobs and Better Paying Jobs!     (Wal-Mart/McDonalds?)
6) Checks and Balances
7) Quarterly Reviews
8) Little or no waste of our tax dollars
9) A tax credit that  is a  "True Stimulus Program" that  finally rewards success!

In my opinion when a solution is "Too Simple" it seems to be dismissed


Any and all ideas

1) Mandatory Classes on student loans before the first student loan can be signed! 
    This could start as early as freshmen year in high school. I want you to think
    if our children had classes on personal finance/student loans (college/trade school etc.. to know the
    consequences and benefits how much better prepared they would be in todays society.

2) Again mandatory a similar warning to what the credit card statements calls:
    Total Minimum Payment Warning
    Please check one of your credit card statements it shows if you made minimum payment it
    would take 21 years to pay off; where if you paid say $150 would be paid off  in 3 years!

3) We have got to get to the root of the problems to start correcting what is wrong with the current
     Student Loan System if we want to change what this crisis has created!

4) This list has endless possibility! Think how much better we would all be; if we had only been
      taught the difference between something so simple as   "Wants verses Needs"

5) What are your suggestions?

The whole purpose for Project Tuition   


And last I ask you to comment !comment! comment! The first step is conversation / debate if we ever want to fix this out of control Student loan debt crisis!

If your having trouble leaving your comments email me @

"A baby comes into this world with only hope...the only gold we leave this earth with is our word"
Anthony Eller

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gradutes in Debt! Please I ask you to tell your story

I ask you for your stories and the changes you would like to see, We have got to put faces with the Student Loan Debt Crisis.

The Huge Student Loan Debt! Just like in business where everyone will have to do their part in order to get this debt under control.

This $1.1 trillion Student Loan Debt is going to need everyone working together.

I hope each of us understands that solutions move slowly through our legislative system
Do you have suggestions to change that?

There is legislation that will have to be written and then passed.

There are questions that need to be answered.

There are conversations between each of us that need to happen.

Each of us needs to be held accountable for our part in the solutions.

I  ask that the story you tell here! Please email or write your Congressman your story too!

We need everyone involved! and let them know we are not going away to this
Student Loan Debt Crisis is solved!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Legislation Protection is Needed Before First Student Loan can be Signed!

I want you to know this is my passion to help each and every graduate to be able receive the education you desire. You should not have to start your career $26,000 (the average ) or more in debt for 20 years!

I have said from my first post and will I continue to say we have got to get to the root of the problem.
The more I research this $1.1 Trillion Debt that continues "Growing Daily"  the more problems I find.!

Just a  reminder!..... to you and to me the very reason this has become my passion.
When I started this research a little over 3 years ago the student loan debt was about $750 Billion!
I started this blog  March 9,2013 was at $1 Trillion now it's approaching  $1.1 Trillion! I'm not even sure how many zeros the .1 Trillion has added? I Have now added the Student Loan Debt Clock for this reason!

In my opinion the system is set up now for the majority of students to become deep in debt and to start their lives off with the feeling of failure!

My question to you.......... wasn't your college degree suppose to bring success???

How could +President Obama and our Congress allow this mess to happen? Then on top of that doing  nothing to fix the problem! They tell us they are going to keep interest rates low at 3.4% which will help, but that is not a solution!

The latest news they can't even agree on how to keep the rates low so it looks like interest rate will double to 6.8%! Interest rate source USA Today

The first step to start to get your student loans under control.

Mandatory Student Loan Classes!

I did say Classes with an "S" meaning several classes
I have seen where a class is recommended. This is a debt that is going to effect the rest of you life!

I can tell you from experience one class is not going to teach you about the loan process, and what all the consequences these loans can create

President Obama should pass a law today that no student loan can be signed by a student or parent without taking these classes! If signed without class the loan would become null and void!

It will be the College and Banks responsibility to make sure classes are completed!

Do you know?.... Do you understand how much money the banks making daily off your loans?

The student loan debt clock I just added should be a wake up call!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do We Need Our Own Think Tank to Make Real Change?


think tank

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)
Institute, corporation, or group organized for interdisciplinary research, usually conducted for governmental and commercial clients. Projects for government clients often involve social policy planning and national defense. Commercial projects include developing and testing new technologies and new products. Funding sources include endowments, contracts, private donations, and sales of reports. See also RAND Corp.

If  your not aware our politicians and our corporations that either sponsor or give huge donations use "Think tanks" to show that their experts have proven that this or that policy is the best choice to become our nations laws.The system is rigged in my humble opinion.

I know the concern that we as a nation have about the $1.1 Trillion Student Loan Crisis that continues to grow larger everyday! growing and growing................

Some of us like me have created blogs to help bring awareness first, and then hopefully solutions to help fix this crisis.

This crisis is not going to just go away! We can't just bury our heads in the sand and hope the crisis goes away!

Because this Crisis is Real and it will effect each of us in different ways until the debt is solved!

The Truth is! until we the everyday man who are the one that owes this debt, and it is our responsibility to pay this debt back!  We need to find Real Solutions!

Because if real solutions are not found this debt is going to destroy our society form top to bottom
You ask how? If those in the middle can't get jobs and earn a decent living.

What happens you ask?

1) who buys all of the new cars?
2) who buys all the new homes or existing homes for sale?
3) who spends money in the casino's and vacations?
4) who pays for health care?
5) who pays the taxes, and taxes, and even more taxes................

I am sure you can add hundreds more to this list,but I think everyone except maybe our politicians understand what is about to happen if Solutions are not found!

I ask that you Google "Student Loan Debt Crisis"; there are 1000's of articles from all kinds of different perspectives on this subject.

I had mention in an earlier post about the $Billions spent by our politicians to get re-elected
and my suggestion of them matching dollar for dollar to pay down our national debt.

What if they gave us a nickle of every dollar to start and run our own Think-Tank?

I just want you to know I'm not too crazy! I know the the Politician would never part with that nickel!

A Think-Tank with independent thinking tax specialist, independent thinking specialist to write legislation. etc...... This Think Tank has to be  ran by the everyday man and for the people most effected!

I know we always hear "they"......... you know the small group of people that make the decisions that we are all forced to live by .

The Politicians call it spinning the truth!

This is where our Politicians tell us the laws  they pass....It is in our best interest ?

You know all this debt we the everyday man are held accountable for The Student Loan Debt Crisis,Taxes the list just goes on and on......................

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Need your thoughts! We Need all Suggestions and Comments= SOLUTIONS!

First if your having problems leaving comments you can email me:!

There is not going to be just one answer to fix this mess $1 Trillion Student Loan Debt that continues to grow everyday!!

Our Corporations and Big Business have Think Tanks to push their agenda's. We're told by these so called Think Tanks that tax credits are not a good idea to get the Student Loan Debt Crisis under control.
Reason given: The tax credits will be abused  by the wrong people ? meaning? Our college Graduates and Small Business?

+President Obama and our congress are going to tell you the graduate gets a tax credit at tax time;and yes that is true. The problem is tax credit should be used during the year to help pay the student loan when it is needed, not at the end of the year when you have already been struggling to make ends meet or worse yet falling behind on the payments!

 I will tell you all programs will have abuse, The key is to have Checks and Balances and Consequences to the abuser.
This is something that is not done with most tax credits given to programs today; both the rich and the poor!

We need our own Think Tanks to lay out a solid program to make this the most respected tax credit ever given to the American Citizens! A tax credit that rewards success not failure. A program that creates Jobs both management and laborers, a program that give the opportunity for the middle to start growing once again

Look who is in charge! It's our fault too! We elected them and look what they have done to our Country!

I have said we have to hold them accountable.

It now time! we hold ourselves accountable! for allowing our leaders of this Great Country to put us in  this mess!

Remember we voted for them!

Remember the Change that was going to happen!

Remember The politician said they get our Nation out of Debt!

Have any of these Dreams come true?

What am I am trying to tell you. We are the ones that are going to have to come up with the solutions.

So let us come together and give +President Obama and our Congress the solutions  they seem unable find?

We can get this over $1 Trillion Student Loan Debt that is growing and growing.... back under control!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Student Loans Need Interest Disclosure;Just like Credit Card Statement!

I have spent over 3 years now looking for answers to more than $1 trillion in student loan debt that
continues to grow larger everyday!

I go to bed with this $1 Trillion student loan debt that continues to grow everyday on my mind!
I wake up in the middle of the night writing notes to myself, and trying to get the American People

A simple disclosure on the student loan statement; just like the law that requires now on credit cards

Example $5000 balance

Minimum payment $90 will take 21 years  you would pay $8,693.26 (if you did not use card again!)
The monthly payment would drop but will take 21 years if minimum payment only is made!
 pay                     $158.75 will take 36 months you would pay $5,715.00
                                                                                      (savings= $2,978.26

The graduate could pay an extra $25 starting on their lowest loan and yes for those that are not aware
there are usually at least 4 to 5 different loans our graduates are paying each month.

Using the same type disclosure the graduate could pay these 10,15,20 year loans in 1/2 the time!
paying 1/2 the interest!

I ask you Today call +President Obama and your Congressmen and tell them we need this
disclosure on all student loan statements!

No exceptions Federal and Private Loans all are required to have disclosure.

This would be another way the employer could help pay this debt down.
The smallest of business could pay $25-$50-$100 towards  principle of an graduate loan.

We have to open our minds, come together with all ideas and possible solutions!

Not just stick our heads in the sand and hope this $Trillion Student Loan Debt goes away!

If  this crazy old man can come up with solutions just think what would happen if we all worked
together to solve this crisis

If your unable to leave your comment below you can email me at!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2 for 1 benefit! Paying off College Loans and Giving Small Business a level playing field!

I think we have forgotten what Small Business means to our Great Country.

We have Corporations like GE that pays no tax? loopholes, tax incentives etc...
We have other Major Corporations with the same loopholes,tax incentive that are still taking their money out of Our Country,shipping jobs over seas........

While our Small Businesses are left to make it on their own!

We have all  been told only the strong survive! We're all told you know...   the free market..... !!
 While our President and Congress bails out.... Our Too Big To Fail auto makers, banks, etc......

Small Business continues to Creates Jobs!, Small Business are creative, their hungry, innovative,have a true desire to succeed, the list goes on and on......... 

Yet, A simple thing like a tax credit to hire our College Graduates that are all of the above
 Creative, hungry, innovative, a  true desire to learn and grow,a true wiliness to succeed............. 

This to me seems like a                          " True Stimulus Program" 

The big difference is this one reward success not failure! 

When I asked my daughter why she choose a smaller company over a "Big Box Retailer"......
This was her reply

Hey ! 
Reasons of joining a Smaller Company..
1) it is a growing company !
2) have the security of being backed by a corporate / "inc" structure , but have the creative freedom of an independent business... 
3) was personally trained by a home office representative 
4)have actual daily / weekly interaction with owner and district manager .... Both Of which are knowledgeable about current store staff and any possible issues ,
   -Though this have had the ability to bring new systems to the company 
    - have proven my ability to trend forecast for our clientele ... Which has given me a voice when It comes to buying, marketing , and promotions .
    -having a district manager and owner involved and seeing my progress from the start allowed me to get on the fast track .... Multiple promotions in first year .... All perks that "big box" retailers lack .... With these types of companies you are not just a number ... Once you prove your ability you are now an asset, and your input and ideas are always welcome.
Hope this helps !

Forgot the important part ... 
My degree is In fashion merchandising but I graduated from the college of business with a minor in marketing .... So the foundation I gained in school of business prepared me to run and operate a store independently (almost like a satellite store - not having someone check up behind my every move ) I gained knowledge about general business ... Human resources (knowing legalities , ESP in this city is a plus ) as well what foundation it takes to be successful , specifically in retail. How to attract and retain a client base ... And learned everything I know about sales from a business to business marketing class .... All of those lessons i was able to translate into personal my sales method. 
- by learning what it takes to operate your own business from the ground up In school ( creating business plans and marketing plans for my own business in a class ) it was extremely easy to jump into a company that had the foundation provided and thus take it to the next level. 

I am extremely Proud of my daughter Ashley!

There  are 1000's of graduates with the same drive and desire to succeed.

We are all at fault at some level parents, teachers, colleges, society,etc.....

We have allowed tuition to get completely out of hand, taken loans we didn't really understand etc...

Yet we are holding our graduates responsible. Did we forget these graduates were still our children when they when off to college. The same children who trusted their teachers, parents, and colleges to tell them what they needed to make it in this world

We as a society told them they had to go to college if they were going to be successful! Remember?

+President Obama  and Our Congress. This is not a hand out were we only seem to reward failure, but a hand up to put our graduates and small business together and start growing our economy!
    Please remember!
    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world"

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Opportunity Maine Legislation; why not on the Federal Level Too?

The Most Comprehensive College Tax Credits in Nation Become Maine Law July 2,2007
Headlines from The Maine Democrat.

Maine realized the student loan debt crisis had gotten out of hand and has used this program to help the graduates,employers and the state.Rhode Island  followed their lead and more states are working on a similar Tax Credit for both employer and graduate.

We all have to realize this is a Crisis and extraordinary measures will need to be taken!

Andy Bossie has a quote on his office door:
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world"

Andy he owed $27,000 and a majority of fellow students were not able to use program for themselves.
Volunteers had over 70,000 conversations! With over 500 volunteers they collected over 73,000 signatures!

This started by kids ( I mean in the most respectfully way) just out college !
While our President and Congress only talk about  keeping low interest rates and now they can't even agree on that!

Still No solutions!

Just Student Loan Debit Crisis spread over 20 years and lower interest rates?
Kick this debt down the road just like our National Debt?

We need Solutions!

We now need to start these same conversations with our fellow citizens, Congress, and President Obama!

We should be ashamed of ourselves and our elected officials.To let a small group of college graduates find  these answers for their business, graduates, and  The State of Maine

This debt can become manageable again. We just need to move into the twenty first century

Colleges have started college degree programs on-line already Now just need to keep affordable
Maybe it's time to look at a Degree in 3 or even 2 years going straight though instead of 4 years
or longer. etc..............

Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm just one Man,but with your Help!

I have reflected over the weekend on this Blog, and what it means to me.

I am dyslexic and  have always felt inferior, till I realized what such a wonderful gift it has given me.

I have held almost all my thoughts an most of my emotions inside. I shared only bits and pieces on Christmas cards,small notes, only very rarely did I ever tried to write a letter even to my wife.

My wife Karen is the love of my life. She has always and I mean always been by my side.

This has been no small feat, because I have been Clean and Sober now for over 11 years.
Karen is beautiful, caring, thoughtful I could go on and on.......
She has been the rock and the glue that as held our family together
She raised without much help from me, our children Ashley and Daniel. I have tried to make up for all the time I wasted, but I'll never be able to get back those years . The time that my wife help mold our children into the productive young adults they have become today.

I have now bared my soul to you my readers.

I wasted so many years!  I have so much to make up for not just to my wonderful family.....

Also to my father Dan who was called the "Little General" as the Chairman of the Republican Party in Buncombe County, North Carolina.

I will tell you my father would not agree with the politics today!

We see no compromise from either side. There are more lobbyist than there are Congressmen?

We elect a good person an they are corrupted by the greed and power "WE" have given them.

President Obama was elected on change? If you look closely the same small group that are his advisers; are same advisers that were there for Clinton and Bush??  

Do we the people have more than a hand full of Senators that their only goal is to make this a better Country?

I promise you that this will be my one post that gives you the back ground of why we need almost
a clean swipe of Congress.

There is so much corruption; that if  Health Care, Social Security & Retirement Benefits... if they are close to home with you right now and are affecting you and your family, then we need to learn the in and outs of each issue and come together.

I have chosen the Student Loan Debt Crisis Now $1 Trillion and  growing and growing......
Three years ago it was about $750 Billion!

We have got to hold our "Elected" Congressman Accountable!

President Obama who in my opinion has done nothing, but work for the Health Industries,The "Too Big to Fail Banks", and our "Too Big to Fail Corporations" etc.....

Please go to PBS and watch or listen to, Unfit for Work, how Clinton changed our Welfare families to
teaching them how to live off Disability benefits; over $260 Billion!
I agree this program is needed, but there has got to be checks and balances! So Much waste!

Go to Time read the article by  author Steve Brill: The Bitter Pill and find out what our hospitals call the Charge Master. You will be amazed! How is this allowed to happen in our country today?

I promise anybody that takes the time to read or watch the two above.I feel you will find you passion too!

Just an idea what if  for every dollar our "ELECTED" Politicians  Spent on RE-ELECTION. They had to match dollar for dollar to bring down our debt! They only have benefits while serving, they would then have to get a REAL Job an contribute to society as a whole?

How many Congressmen would run for re-election if they received no lifetime benefits, and even when they are corrupt can continue to receive these benefits? 

This while we are having Sequester cuts for our working men and women of this country?

I will return to our Student Loan Debt Crisis tomorrow!

Your assignment if you choose to help with change.

Call you Senators  My reply from Louisiana +Vitter and +Landrieu two that seldom agree on anything we voted to keep the student loan interest rates low.  Oh we share your concern. Nothing else!
The latest news is saying that our Congress can't even agree on this now.  So it  looks like the student loan interest rates will be going up!

Please!  comment on my blog what your Senator's solutions are  I will post each response

We shame them enough, they will have to do something or we elect someone that has solutions!

I ask that you overlook my mistakes in writing my Blog. I will get better!

I will promise you in return  that I will continue to give you  the most Accurate, up-to date, Honest, information available on The Student Loan Debt Crisis.

If you have an idea and solution Please! share because there are no wrong answers

I go to bed with the word "growing" on my mind,

because It's not just over $1 Trillion dollars  it will continue growing and growing......... till we find a solutions!

This debt did not happen over night and it is going to take a multitude of solutions!

I have one solution that could help both Small Business and our Graduates and help our middle class start to grow again! I know it has great potential now just needs to be refined   

Will  any of our Grandchildren be able to afford college if it stays on this course?

The only agenda I have is to help find solutions