Sunday, March 17, 2013

Your Mind is telling you No Your Heart is saying Yes

We are all looking to find an answer to solve our "Student Loan Debt Crisis" and the hits to my site are coming from all over America prove this.

I know sometimes when a solution it is too simple we tend to dismiss it.

I want you to ask yourself first, then a friend, Please comment back to me!

Trickle from the middle up and down Theory.

I know you are asking yourself this can't work. Why?

When a crisis comes we have to find answers.

Our Politician's want to kick the debt down the road. along the debt ceiling, health care...........

I want to try not to repeat questions from previous posts, but I think this one is extremely important!

Have you ask your Congressman or +President Obama how this "Student Loan Debt Crisis" is effecting their family?

I'm sure that "Not One" will have to make this decision tonight

Do I pay the light bill, my rent or Do I pay my the student loan?

Do have to live with my parents to pay my student loan back?

I ask you call them, email, write them, send letter  to your newspaper editors!

All that I ask if you don't think my Theory will work.

Tell me why!

The conversation is the first step to solving any problem!


  1. good ideas, id like to hear more.

  2. I can use any ideas you have so please keep coming back!


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