Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Need Simple Common Sense Solutions

I know that my writing is by far not the best blog that you could read today.

My writing does come from the heart with a deep concern; that if we do not get this student loan debt
under control now.Our Children and Grandchildren will not be afforded the opportunity to go
to college,

We were told growing up work hard get a good education and the sky is the limit.

Today now please understand I do believe there should be help for poor,

but there should be checks and balances!

An article done by PBS shows were our  population of welfare citizens are being moved NOW to become

Disabled Citizens! sometimes receiving triple from what their previous benefits were!!

A program that is causing this group to be taught basically not to work and live off the government??

The $260 billion a year!!The largest waste of our tax dollars our country has ever seen!

Corruptions from within our country that our Congress and President Obama
seem to support?

I have a simple plan that would encourage the building of the middle class once again.

Checks and Balances

"NO Free Rides"

A Project based on a "True Work Ethic"  our Great Country seems to have forgotten.

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