Friday, March 15, 2013

Trickle from the Middle Up and Down Theory

Student loan debt is one of the fastest rising consumer debts in our Country.

 Please remember it's over $1Trillion and growing! and growing!..............

Our Credit Card debt which use to be our Country main concern is actually decreasing, partly because the consumer has more control over that debt.

The trickle down theory

The money goes through so many hands?

Think of who is going to benefit the most.

The new CEO is brought in with a multi-million dollar salary

The Bonus that is guaranteed  no matter if they" LOSE MONEY" for the company
you know the ones $10 million $20 million etc.....

If you are lucky enough to be able to read one of their contract ( Company Annual Report)

There is almost always the Golden Parachute The part of the contract that most of the time "Rewards Failure"

This is before the first job is created!

The Project Tuition Reimbursement rewards success only.

There are checks and balances every step of the way.

There are quarterly reviews where the graduate and the employer will have meetings to discuss either ways   to correct problems or better yet how to take their success to the next level.

If the graduate is not living up to the contract the graduate could be dropped from the program.

Our small business and our graduates will both receive the initial benefits from this Program.

This is where everyone starts to see rewards!

More jobs are created from the growth of the company.

Tax revenues will increase!

I believe the term our politicians would call this is   "Stimulus GROWTH"!

Our Country will now be Saving $$ on all the other tax incentive that would have continue under the Trickle Down Theory!

The tax incentives that only benefit a very few!

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Not more of the same old formula

The Outrageous Salaries!, The Outlandish Bonus!, No more Golden Parachutes!

Program Tuition Reimbursement

A "Real Solution" to our Countries Out of Control Student Loan Debt!

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