Friday, March 22, 2013

Please Help Me Prove This Program will Work

I try to get feedback about the program from anyone that will listen.

This debt is not just going to magically disappear!

I am not a tax professional, but it seems to me if we give the small business the $5250 tax incentive to bring in that graduate that when to school to be an architect to work in small  architectural firm as an example.

The architectural firm gets the $5250 tax credit, This does not show as income so the graduate does not have to pay taxes on it. The graduate can receive up to a $2500 tax credit at tax time on loans they are paying off now. I would assume graduate would not get this credit unless they wanted to pay more on their student loans.

The benefit is we have created a job this small architectural firm could most likely not have fit into their budget. We have a graduate that went straight into the type of career they have spent 4 years if not more of their life to complete. The graduate  will know and understand the career they have chosen which will create success for the company and themselves.

We have checks and balance on this tax incentive because of quarterly reviews.

What it has done is put another graduate to work. A graduate that now has disposable income that they can put back into our economy;  which will start growing our economy again.This will create immediate results to the middle class.

I have spent more than 3 years now looking at our nations problems. I realize I could not make much of a difference trying to take on too many issues.

I decided I would take on an issue that will effect most if not all of us in the middle.
Do you realize what $1 trillion and this is a growing and growing...... debt will do to our youth and to us as parents with student and parent loans?

I ran across article after article about Will Rogers and how he coined the phrase Trickle Down Theory. He tried to make our politician see how" really out of touch they were and still are today with the everyday man".

I wanted to honor what Will Rogers tried to accomplish through humor

Trickle from the middle Up and Down Theory!

P.S. I have two responses from our Senators in Louisiana

Two that very seldom agree on anything both +Vitter and +Landrieu
Look likes same person wrote both letters!

We have voted to keep interest rate down!         Where are their solutions?

What will your Senators tell you??

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