Friday, March 29, 2013

Pilot Program Trickle From The Middle Up and Down Theory

I know that Rome wasn't build in a day. I know the Student Loan Debt Crisis didn't happen in a day!

We need solutions! To lower the interest rate though it will help does not solve the problem.

We have a President and a Congress that is so out of touch with the everyday man.

They just don't live in the same world!

I had stated in an earlier post that I can promise you that our President and our Congress will not have to make this decision today

Do I pay my rent and electric bill and food or do I pay my Student Loan?

How many of our Congress are truly effected by the Student Loan Crisis?

I know that We could never get this added to the Present $5250 Tuition Reimbursement Program.

But we can demand that they give this Project a Pilot Program!

Our government throws our tax dollars away on program that have been started for no other reason than to get votes!

Welfare to Disability programs that are costing us the tax payers some $260 Billion Dollars a year!

No Checks and Balances!

There seems to be no accountability?

I am talking about a project similar to the existing $5250 Tuition Reimbursement Program.

Small Business and Graduates are matched to allow the graduate to used their knowledge to help the Small Business grow at a faster pace

There will be Checks and Balances!

Quarterly reviews. This will hopefully create a mentor for the graduate to help keep both on a path to helping this Small Business Grow much faster.

Teaming graduates and small business is the key to expanding the middle class.

The problem is most Small Business can't afford a salary to compete with our corporations!

A tax incentive that can really show success not failure!.........  "Too Big to Fail"?

A True Stimulus Program to grow the Middle Class!

I think the phrase as always been "Our middle class is the Back Bone of America"

It's time to show our work ethic as a nation!

Our economy gets a kick start in the middle!
Small Business and Graduates receive the initial benefit!
Jobs are created on both sides of the work force
Tax Revenue increase

The  Biggest benefit !

The Middle Class starts to Grow Once Again!!!!!!!!

I ask you to Prove that Project Tuition Reimbursement WON'T WORK!!!!

I want to honor Will Rogers that coined Trickle Down theory.

He used humor to let the our President and our Congress to know just how out of touch they were then!

Just as they are today!Pilot Program Trickle From the Middle Up and Down Theory

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