Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Match made in Heaven!

This Program is about getting our college graduates out of student loan debt.

This Program will also start to give small business a path to a level playing field against the Corporations that it seems are all becoming "Too big to Fail"

Can our country afford another bail out?

We should invest in this type program and others like it!

This Program is growing our country and economy! "Not Bailing them out."

Please stop an think of the Giant kick- start this could give our Country and our  Economy

It seems to me that our large Corporations, "Our Congress?" and + President Obama have not thought their Policies though.

If we lose the middle class

Who is going to buy their expensive cars, Stocks that no one can understand!

Think of the $ Billions that were spent on the first Bail-Out. We as a country have already given the "Too Big to Fail"  far too much for their failures.

This program is not about giving our graduates and small business anything they won't earn.

I have always hear   "Invest in the Future" Well here is our chance!

If the small business employer is giving them a quarterly review, hopefully a mentor is established! New ideas, new innovative ways to compete,thinking of  the new processes that can be developed so much quicker.

This is the kind of programs that will help our country grow and offer the opportunity for whole middle class to start growing once again

The idea of matching the graduate with an small business employer in the field they have given 4 years if not more of their lives to.

The field no matter if it's:

 a small Architect firm
 a Construction company
 a Retail store
 a Design firm
 the list can go on and on........

If you research our graduates, first they are not going into their field of study

A number of things contribute to this. I think # 1 is salary!

Our smaller companies can't compete and offer a salary the graduate can live on and pay their student loans.

Our small business will continue to grow but just at a much slower pace Wouldn't it make sense to help match our small companies with a graduate that would know the job?

I thought the whole idea of tax incentives were to grow our economy? We need to help both small business and the graduates. The major corporations don't seem to be helping.

This country became Great because of  individuals just like our college graduates and small business who have always had the tenacity to build the things dreams are made of.

I really want to make sure I'm clear
This program is not for that college student that is just getting by with no direction or desire!

I do hope this program will give hope and help light a fire,bring back the drive,because it seems some of our students have lost their will. I believe this because of the student loan debt that may follow them for the next 20 years

Then our graduates are hit again because they can't make ends meet. Our graduates are told that credit cards are good if managed? How does the graduate manage their finances if they are going further into debt month after month??

I know this is a major cause the middle class continues to become poorer and poorer year after year.

This program is for that graduate that when to school with purpose, a desire to be the best. It's not always the student with highest grade average. The Program will help match these small business with this type of graduate that will be dedicated and hard working

I believe that hard work pays off.

This Program  is "Not to Bail Out" for our graduates and small business.

It's a Real Tax Incentive that reward success !

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